My Tuesday Morning

The thing about birthdays is….sometimes you have to deal with issues like driver’s license renewal.

My birthday is Friday, and I’ve been procrastinating the trip to the Department of Public Safety. Now I’m just days away from my license being expired.


So, this morning my husband took the kids to school, and I headed to the friendly DPS office.

My first obstacle….

I had the wrong address.


Lucky for me, the new address is on the door of the old location.

Off to the “New” location I went. It’s about 9am. Almost every seat in the place is full. About 25-30 people.
This was my view for the next hour.


Renewed license with an updated picture and a new restriction acquired.


I must now wear my glasses when I drive.

It’s okay, I already had prescription sunglasses.

Then I went to lunch and Starbucks with my husband.

How was your Tuesday?

I have Phun with iPhone Photos!

iPhone Photo Phun



  1. Greetings for Friday! Driving licence renewal is pretty similar in Spain but you also have to see a doctor (to make sure you are not a lunatic or some such thing!) and have an eye test…takes forever 😦

  2. Phh, who needs to drive anyway? Oh wait….

  3. Mmm, my birthday is Sunday (May 20) and my license is also expiring this year!! I’m debating whether to renew tomorrow when doing pre-op appointments with my baby, or Thursday post-op (ear tubes… not too serious) when my hubby is along to help (ie., wait with) me!

  4. OH… and happy birthday friend =) !!!

  5. I just got back from Arkansas to deal with my driver’s license renewal on Monday!

  6. Happy Birthday for Friday.
    🙂 Mandy

  7. Happy Birthday To You!!!

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