My kids ate Brussels Sprouts


This is NOT A DRILL.

Real vegetables have been consumed. I repeat. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.


My kids are known for being picky vegetable eaters.

They gag at the thought of green beans, lament over the Lima beans, and bemoan their unluckiness at being fed beets and Brussels Sprouts.

It’s a tough thing for a garden growing, veggie loving Momma to deal with.

I’ve had my own issues with Brussels Sprouts, but I’d only ever eaten frozen Brussels Sprouts.

The Pioneer Woman has a recipe for roasted Brussels Sprouts with a balsamic glaze. They looked amazing.

They are amazing.

Everyone ate at least two. My husband and daughter really enjoyed them. The teen (our biggest veggie critic) thought it was “okay”.

I’m calling it a BIG WIN.

Next time I make this recipe I plan to decrease the balsamic glaze. By half.
It is tasty, but it’s a little too sweet for my husband.

Go….make kid approved Brussels Sprouts.

I double dog dare you.

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  1. I am a brussels sprouts fiend! I’ll eat ’em plain, so with a balsamic glaze? Sounds even more exciting. Way to force some veggies into the fam ;D

  2. I LOVE brussel sprouts! My hubby, not so much – will definitely try a balsamic glaze on him next.
    šŸ™‚ Mandy

  3. I might have to try this! I love veggies, but I’ve never been that keen on brussel sprouts myself!

  4. Congrats! They look delicious.

  5. Oh to get those kids to eat their veggies….

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