Food from my Garden

This is the 2nd bunch of squash I’ve gathered.


Meet Quasi-mato.

He’s a happy little tomato with a hump. Quasi-mato is hanging out on my window sill in hope that his hump will ripen.




Later this week I’ll have a squash casserole recipe for you. It’s vegetarian friendly, but not a vegan recipe.



  1. I’m so jealous that you’re already getting garden goods! Yummm, summer squash.

  2. Janice

    Lucky you! I’m still waiting for my veggies. Beans should be coming soon but some of my other plants haven’t sprouted. Guess I might have to redo some of them….

  3. you have a tomato already!? That is fantastic And squash! You are a great gardener.. c

  4. Wow, I´d be happy with a hunchbacked tomato!

  5. Wow, we keep meaning to do a garden post. It’s cool to see someone ahead of us!

  6. Love it…”Quasi-mato”.

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