It’s one of those days…


I burnt my toast this morning. Most people would toss it and make new toast, but

it’s on par with my luck lately so…..

It’s sort of Debbie Downer-ish to say, but since October of last year

Murphy’s Law has been making my family it’s bitch.

I know, I don’t usually get all curse-y on my blog, but there you have it.

It has been one thing after another….constantly.

It’s frustrating, stressful, and eye twitch causing.

So, I ate my burnt toast.

In defiance to all the bad things that have been going on. In rebellion against the foundation repair, the broken appliances, the surgeries and countless other Murphy-isms…

I ate my eggs and really burnt toast anyway.

Thankfully, I did not break a tooth.

Thank you, dear friends for being here.

For reading my rant of frustration, I send you virtual hugs!


  1. Pamela

    LOL, I should not laugh at your pain, Maytina, but this was funny. And ironic. I am so sorry you burnt your toast 😦

    • You took it exactly as I meant it. Laughter is a great stress reducer, so is venting.


  2. Hugs right back, Jamie…
    Sometimes, you gotta say,”Damn the charcoal, I’m eating you anyway!”

  3. Good for you – donΒ΄t let the buggers get you down. Can I say that?!

  4. At least the eggs were cooked to perfection… πŸ™‚ some good stuff has to be coming your way soon, here’s hoping….

    • Thank you. Yes, the eggs were pretty perfect. πŸ™‚

  5. I can relate. Stuff has been going on in my family, too. Oh, and my mom actually did break a tooth eating matzah when she was at my house for Passover seder, so there you go.

    • Oh no! Poor Mom!

      It’s nice to know I’m not alone. This is the part of adulthood they never warn you about. The random acts of savings hemorrhage.

  6. Hugs and kisses! Totally understand. We went through a year like that too. Stay strong, it will get better!

  7. It does seem like you guys have had a string of bad luck! I hope the rest of the weekend was a great improvement over burnt toast, and heck, maybe it just means you’re getting the bad stuff out of the way so the rest of the year can go smoothly! And I overtoasted an already stale bagel yesterday, but didn’t have your hutzpah to stick with it and eat it anyway. Crackers are LIKE a bagel, right? Hard to burn them, at least πŸ™‚

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