Garden Gab, Week 7

Is there anything better than watching things you planted blossom and grow? Well, okay watching my children grow tops watching my plants grow, but watching my plants grow is still pretty awesome.

The warmth has taken hold here in Texas. The temps are holding steady in the mid to upper 80’s. I’d prefer the 70’s, but the plants love the warmer weather.






Lettuce eat some lettuce
I know, I'm phunny

Lots and lots of flowering is going on.


Cucumber flowers


squash flowers

More squash flowers

















A bird's eye view, or at least a pool landing eye view


How is your garden growing?

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iPhone Photo Phun



  1. I am in Southern California and my plants are still pretty small. I can’t believe you already have tomatoes and peppers! I actually still have a few beds that need to be planted. With two young children, it is hard for me to find or make time to get to it most days.

    • I’ve been very lucky. I have to do a bit more planting, some of my seeds did not sprout. It gets so warm here, so quickly. We’ve already harvested 1 cherry tomato. Just 1, but my daughter enjoyed it.

      Thanks for the comment!

    • I was lucky, my husband helped me plant this year.

      I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at the quick growth I’ve had. Seems like they grow a lot over night.

  2. Wow – it´s warm where you are and so much is happening in your garden. Well done!

  3. Your garden is looking so good! I can’t believe you have beans and tomatoes that are ready to go! I’ll just go watch my seeds grow and dream of two/three months from now 🙂

    • If it gets warm there, you might be surprised with early growth.

      I’ve got to fill the no-growth holes in my garden. Probably this weekend. So frustrating when things don’t grow as planned.

  4. You had a LOT of stuff blooming! I was shocked to see tomato plants growing up out of nothing from last season. I guess some of the tomatoes must have decomposed into the pot and sprouted anew.

    • I’m surprised at all my blooms too! How neat that you have unexpected tomato plants. Unexpected tomatoes taste better than regular tomatoes.

  5. Ha, we need to post new pictures. The tomatoes are so high. Yours are looking good too.

  6. gfunkified

    What is it that makes plants growing so exciting?? But it so is. I’m going to try a garden this year…I’m not good at it, so I’m starting small.

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