Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Garden Gab, week 2, 3 and….

Happy Friday the 13th Peeps! may your day be nothing like the long running horror movie series. Meh. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a regular garden update. Surgery can do that to a girl. Here are some pictures of my garden’s progress. The raised bed garden is doing much better than the in …


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Chicken Migas

Generally I agree with The Pioneer Woman on most food related issues. To me though, Migas is not Migas without Chorizo. Chorizo is really greasy and fatty though. 😦 A local market, I adore Sprouts Farmer’s Market, sells ground chicken chorizo. I decided to give the chicken a try and boy, howdy I’m glad I …

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Zombie Eggs and Tornado Outbreaks

Holidays are all about miracles. Passover or Easter, it’s all about the miracles. The miracle of protection. The miracle of resurrection. Miracles…. Speaking of miracles, We had a bit of a tornado outbreak here in Central North Texas on April 3rd. We had 13 tornadoes in the DFW area in one day. A lot of …

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