Home and Resting

We’re home. My daughter is resting.

Here are a few pictures.

Pre-surgery. She was not amused.

After the surgery. She got 4 stitches.

The needle piece.

The needle piece next to a regular sized M & M so you can gage the size of the needle shard.



  1. OUCH! Cringing now. Glad surgery went a-okay!

  2. Glad she’s doing well.

  3. Ouchies!! Glad it’s over.

  4. Eek! Glad it went well and wishing her (and you!) a speedy recovery.

  5. No fun! Hope she’s doing better soon!

    • Thank you! She is doing well. She returned to school on Tuesday. The stitches in her foot should be removed in about a week.

      • What a trooper!

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