Singing the Blogging and Social Media Blues


I’m the “World’s Worst” at understanding all the complexities of blog promotion and social media.
maybe not the “World’s Worst”, but even after over a year of blogging, purchasing my domain name and finding a wonderful group of bloggy friends…as far as social media stuff goes,

I’m still feeling like a newbie.

I’m afraid to move my blog from hosted to self hosted.

I’m concerned that if I move to a self-hosted blog space I’ll lose my place in the interwebs and get lost in the cyber abyss.

Dramatic, I know.

I’m worried that if I ever made that small step/giant leap my blog could not support itself (that it would not generate the advertising income needed to support self-hosting), I’m worried it would change my blogging focus.

I’ve watched blogs slip away from awesomeness due to the need for income. I’ve stopped reading blogs because of the extent to which their core goal changed when they went from blogger (for the love of it) to “Blogger” (as a job, with the need for income) I don’t want to become one of those “Bloggers”. I don’t want to lose my blogger voice in search of the advertising dollar. I don’t dislike paid “Bloggers” some of the best people I “know” online make a living off their words. I simply don’t want my blog focus altered or diluted by the need for income.

Even if I was not concerned about losing my blogger status, I’ve got another problem.

I’ve got no idea how to move my blog.

No. Idea. At. All.

No clue how to even begin to move my content and not lose my readers.

So, I stay nestled in my cave. It’s safe here. No one questions my posting motives.  At the same time though, few companies take me seriously.

My reach is small. My voice isn’t very loud.

I am here though, and for now…

Here is enough.



  1. Seems we all suffer the same “I don’t knows” – nice not to be alone.
    🙂 Mandy

  2. Talk to Linda and Charles about this. They’d be able to help with the self hosting aspect.

  3. I hear you, Jamie! I hit that point last year, and had to answer the question of why I was blogging: was it going to be a hobby, or did I want to really reach out and help others? I found lots of inspiration at the community, which exists to help folks create the life they want. I belong to the WordPress group there, which is full of helpful and knowledgeable folks.

    If you want to write better and grow your blog, I recommend They have free webinars that are great (another one today) and they have a short video course on growing your blog that is really powerful. You can read the post that led to the creation of the course here, and it contains some really usable information. (I am in the midst of the course right now, and I used just some of his tips to write my post this week about mulittasking.)

    There is a lot to consider when moving out from our comfort zone. I think about it in terms of blogging for fun vs blogging to serve, in which the dollars will flow from providing a quality service.

    I did move my blog to self host last summer to Bluehost, and I have never looked back. Now I am doubling down on what I really want to accomplish to help others.

    Sorry to be so long, and I hope this helps!

    • Thank you do much for your comment! No worries about the length, it’s very helpful.

  4. If it’s any consolation, I’ve moved my blog and its URL not once but twice now and managed to maintain my standing. The first time was my move from Blogger to self-hosted WP and I did it all wrong but barely had any followers as it was, so it didn’t really matter. The second time was my switch to a new host, at which time I also changed my URL again. This was just a couple of months ago and I can honestly say the transition was seamless. I worked with Kayleen at Booyah’s Momma, who redirected my old URL to my new domain and I lost zero followers. If you go to my old address of, it simply takes you directly to my new domain. Easy peasy! And i highly recommend Booyah’s Momma.

    As far cost goes, most professional WP peeps charge around $100 to do a blogger to WP conversion, which would include the redirection of your old domain to your new one. Of course, if you want a redesign, you’ll be looking at more money. But a basic conversion is generally right around $100. If you can stand to drop that as a one-time fee, then the cost to maintain a site is really pretty cheap. Most hosts charge around $6/month, which is only $72 a year, and the cost to renew your domain name is only $10 a year (and free the first year). If you join a publishing network like BlogHer, you should make enough throughout the year to at least cover, if not exceed (depending on your traffic) those costs without ever having to resort to paid content.

    Just some advice from someone who’s been there (and has shared all of your same concerns)! 🙂

  5. I had self-hosted blogs and websites back in the day, but honestly? I like wordpress. It’s cozy, clean and easy to use. It may not support blogging-for-money on a bigger scale, but otherwise I’m a fan. But don’t worry! You won’t lose me if you move, I’ll still be showing up to read and comment 🙂

  6. The costs involved with self-hosting are very small. Not anything you need to worry about- I had to go to slightly more expensive hosting recently and it’s still just $8/month- but there are cheaper.

    While I’ve found work in the social media space, blogging isn’t my job. Maybe a post here and there, but for the most part, I just want my blog to stay the same, so I’ve kept it separate from job.

    Moving shouldn’t be hard! Let me know if you decide to do it and want help(um, not that that’s really my area of expertise, but my biz partner does that sort of thing!)

  7. Jaime, I can feel your pain about the social media. But when we genuinly help people then we can see the difference. Keep blogging.

  8. Oh, I picked *just* the right day to jump back into blog reading! You’ve provided the answer to your own dilemma: It’s all about what YOU want out of it. I took THREE WHOLE MONTHS just to ponder that issue. Like you, I’m in it for giggles & fun. If any changes you’re contemplating don’t align with that principle? Don’t make them. For what it’s worth, I like you just the way you are. 🙂

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