Garden Gab, week 2, 3 and….

Happy Friday the 13th Peeps! may your day be nothing like the long running horror movie series.

Meh. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a regular garden update. Surgery can do that to a girl.

Here are some pictures of my garden’s progress.

The raised bed garden is doing much better than the in ground beds. Only issue with the raised bed? Munchy, hungry bugs.





My small side garden has been under a different sort of attack. Feral cats decided it was a wonderful litter box.
I disagreed.


Here are pictures of the in ground beds. As you can see, some things are growing….other things.

Not. So. Much.



The tomato plants are happy.


Pepper plants. Half are bell peppers and half are jalapeño peppers.

Since my seed markers blew away in the storms…I think these are watermelon plants.

20120413-085321.jpg Squash, and a lot of seeds that refused to sprout.

20120413-085418.jpg Corn.

This is either more squash or cantaloupe. Heh. Time will tell.

If you’re gardening, how’s your garden growing?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



  1. Think it´s looking good and those tomatoes are really flourishing!

  2. BUGS! I hate them, some of them can be knocked off with dishwashing liquid sprayed on them but do throw All of your ground up egg shells as a litter around the plants, as well as adding calcium (tomatoes love it) the sharp shells do deter slithering bugs. And for cats i get old dish racks and turn them upside down over the plants.. cats are such a trial.. my OWN cats are such a trial. Your gardens are doing so well, I had to laugh about your markers blowing away.. I get that too!! lovely gardens.. c

  3. The plants that are up and growing look GREAT! I’ve only gotten as far as tilling–not out of frost season here yet (as in, there was a frost Thursday night), so I have a few more weeks before planting time. I can’t wait though! And grr, cats. And grr, cat pee. Does anything smell worse? I don’t think so.

  4. That’s coming right along. Looks great.

  5. I love it! I will be so jealous at all the produce you’re enjoying soon. My thumb, alas, is somewhat black.


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