Rainy Day Garden Gab


The wind blew away most of my seed markers.

Welcome to rain-apocalypse 2012

at least that is how the weather team on T.V. is treating it.   It’s  been raining here for a little over 12 hours.  Storming, wind howling, thunder booming, lightning flashing, big, cold drops of rain falling.

Since we just planted the garden, this is a blessing and a curse.   Water is great, a good soaking rain is great.

Puddles, not so much.

Yesterday we had high wind, crazy wind.  Crazy blowing away most of my seed markers wind.  This year the garden will be a little but of a surprise…. I can not remember where I planted everything. Ha!


Seeds are all about snorkeling, right?


Clearly we have some high and low areas....


Below the garden is a swamp....


My swamp.


These strawberries are survivors from last summer. They laugh at the water, they are already planning strawberry-topia 2


The raised bed is protected from much of the rain. The cats and birds are another story though.

There is no real update on my Grandmother, she is still hospitalized, they believe the mental confusion is due to a slight bladder infection.  She is fighting her treatment.  She keeps removing her I.V.

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If you’re a prayer sort of person, I’d appreciate your prayers for her.

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  1. Oh dear, you poor garden – hope all your seeds survived the rain.
    Sending positive energy and thoughts to your grandma!
    🙂 Mandy

  2. wow.. soggy garden and sick granny – I’ll keep you both in my prayers

  3. Oh dear…lots of rain 😦 My granny was very poorly once with the same issue but once they had got the antibiotics sorted out she made a huge improvement, became less confused and her old self again. Praying for the same for your dear grandmother.

    • Thank you Tanya! The report I got from my mother this afternoon is very positive. My grandmother did not try to remove her I.V. last night. That is a positive step.

  4. Hope it stops raining!

    Sending prayers for your grandmother!

  5. Not enough rain, too much rain…it’s never easy.
    Prayers for your grandmother, and your plants.

  6. I hope your grandmother is doing well!

  7. Oh no, sorry to hear about your grandmother! I hope everything clears up and she can go home SOON, no one wants to spend any time in a hospital! And wow, crazy flooding, hope stuff survives and thrives. I’m already planning out the garden at my NEW house, I can’t wait to get planting.

    • Thanks Allie!

      I bet you are super excited about your new home and your new garden area.

      • Ah! I am! I borrowed a shovel from my parents so I can get to work on digging up a garden ASAP. That also means I’ve been driving around with a shovel wrapped in a plastic bag in my trunk for the past week. I feel a smidge creepy/Dexter-ish.

  8. Wow, I wish I had that much room in my garden to have. Eggie beds, I hope losing the markers won’t matter too much.

    • I know what I planted, just not exactly where everything is now. Heh! I’ll figure it out.

  9. It’s coming our way and they’re acting just like that.

  10. Poor old granny, i understand her wanting to get rid of that thing and just go home. hopefully after a few days of the meds she will feel more in control. i wish i could bring TonTon in to visit her.. c

  11. I’m so sorry to hear about your granny. A prayer for her and your garden are on its way!

  12. Your poor grandma, sending good thoughts. I often hear about confusion in seniors related to UTI’s.

    That’s a lot of rain! Hopefully it’s stopped now. Those weather people, everything is apocalyptic.

  13. Nature is a harsh mistress, right?
    All the best to your granny, young lady.

  14. So sorry for your garden…but I’m impressed. I’ve yet to have my winter greens garden plowed under. And your dear grandmother. Will keep her in my prayers.

  15. Klz

    Your garden is awesome. Ours is still unplanted.

    Prayers headed your way

  16. Yes, what a crazy weather we had the last week, we also had the rain for about a week, gosh it flooded most of the lands here. All my preyer to your gandmother, hope she will cover soon.


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