The way to a Teenage boy’s heart

Or….How to connect with your teenage son via fast food and T.V.

I am always looking for ways to bond with my teenager. Teenage boys are sometimes moody, somewhat secretive and hermit like…..Or maybe it’s just my son.

14 must be a rough age to have an actively engaged parent.

I did not have very involved parents, so I’m just guessing.

Please don’t mis-understand, I’m not trying to make my son my best friend (ha!) I’m simply looking for a way to connect with my first-born child, a child who is growing into a man shockingly fast.

I hope that makes sense.

The idea of losing that connection with my son is heartbreaking.

When he was young, we watched Veggie Tales together. We made cookies, we played at the park. When he was younger, I was still fun to be around.

Now? Not so much. The mall? Hardly. Cooking with me? Um, nope.


One thing we enjoy together is watching…..


Yes, we love the zombie and gore filled show. It’s no Veggie Tales, but it’ll do.

Another thing we enjoy is trying new items at Taco Bell.

Introducing the Doritos taco.

The taco is very interesting. My son loved it.

It made my fingers orange.

How do you connect with your growing children?

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  1. I’m right there with you! It’s so hard to get my 14 yr old to open up. But I try! His favorite place is a hot dog joint. Hot dogs do not mix well with my diet. But I do it anyway. I have also learned to play Mario Kart. I will never be good at it. But I can play. And I’ll do whatever I have to to try to keep that connection. Thanks for the reminder! Blessings to you my friend!

    • Blessings to you too Alicia!

  2. If you can’t bond with someone over zombies, well, then, I just don’t know. And you may see your teens pull away–but trust me, they come back! I didn’t want my parents around ever from about 13-18, and now I absolutely love the time I spend with them and I always want them to come visit. So even if you don’t feel like there’s much you guys can bond about now, trust me, he most certainly isn’t lost 🙂

    • That is really good to know Allie!!

  3. Janice

    I totally understand. Sometimes I don’t feel so connected to my about to be 11 year old even though he is a mini-me. But he has major competition with my two need-so-much attention girls. One way we connect is with the Star Wars movies which we both incredibly love. We recently went on a date just the two of us to see S.W. episode 1 in 3D. It was nice. When I have some time, I’ll play video games with him him too though I’m not as good like I used to be. Btw, I love the walking dead!

    • 🙂 as parents we do what we can.

  4. I want to make mine stay little forever. Cuddling with mommy and sitting in my lap. 😦

    • I tried to convince my husband to invent a time stopping machine. No luck so far.

  5. I approve of this bonding!

  6. I don’t have children of my own, but it’s still work to bond with my sisters and nieces. The thing that always gets positive results is food! Sweets for the nieces and anything homemade for my adult sisters!

  7. I don’t think I could handle the orange hands from a Doritos taco. My oldest is 10, and I’ve definitely started connecting with her in different ways. She’s started reading more books that appeal to both of us, and it’s fun to talk about them together. Last night we took a walk and discussed the ending of the Hunger Games trilogy!

  8. They’re tough at 22 too! But fast food and a great TV show always works!

  9. Liz

    I only recently heard about the doritos shell! And I think because there was a photo shared on Facebook of it. Does “interesting” mean good or not so much? 😉

    • It’s not bad. I’m a fan of soft tortilla tacos so it was not my favorite.

  10. My kids are still a long way from teenagehood but this is something I think about a lot.

  11. If it makes you feel any better, I have to watch Walking Dead with my husband for much the same reason, LOL! If not, I’d hardly ever see him as he still loves playing video games, which isn’t particularly sociable 🙂

  12. Awesome post! I agree that with time our children’s tastes change–but you have found what works for you guys and I love reading that 🙂

    ps-Walking Dead? Awesome show!

  13. I love that you’ve found a way to connect – whatever it takes, right?

    (I worry about this, so very much, too.)

  14. I don’t have kids, but I did have involved parents. While as teenagers we do not particularly want our parents around, it is still comforting knowing that they are trying to bond with you and putting forth the effort.

    • That’s what I’m going for. Credit for the effort and hopefully a stronger relationship later.


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