My kids are giving up Gambling, for Lent.

Kiddy Gambling

My kids are addicted to gambling. They don’t consider it gambling, but it is.

Every (E.V.E.R.Y.) time we go to a store with a crane machine, no matter how crappy the toys are, my kids literally drool at the sight of the kid-centric gambling machines.

When I was young, we played a lot of video games but…..
I never drooled at the site of Ms. PAC-MAN or Burger Time.

These crane machines take kid gaming to a

Whole. Nother. Level.


I’m not sure what is so inciting about the cheap toys in those machines, but I do know when it started.

My Father.

My Father taught my kids how to win at the crane machine in Fudruckers (hamburger restaurant) when they were very young.

An obsession was born.

I have watched in horrified silence as my children fed dollar after dollar into machines where they “almost” got the toy. Once they are done spending their allowance, they beg me for more money.

I’m concerned that I am raising future slot machine addicts.

They never seem to get enough of the gambling.

Way back in the day….

My son at 4. All these were won from a crane machine on one evening, except the blue bunny.

Monday, at Wal-mart my tween and teen spent $5 in a crane machine….they got nothing.

So, for Lent my kids are giving up the crane machines. Maybe the time away from the gambling machines will break the addiction.

At least I hope so.

If you’re “giving up” something for Lent, what?



  1. Made me smile. When I was at school we were given little carboard boxes to keep at home to fill with the pennies we saved from not eating sweets or chocolate and then the money was sent off (I think) to the missions…I think I´d have to give up wine nowadays but it would be sooo hard. But I guess that´s the whole point isn´t it?!

  2. I think we should lay all of the blame on your father for teaching them… Hee hee – don’t tell him I said so. I can imagine the chase of having to try just one more time to see if you can grab the toy because after all it fell perfectly the time before when you almost got it.
    I think its awesome that your kids are giving up their gambling addiction for lent.
    🙂 Mandy

  3. Nice! “Gambling”…

  4. I remember those days!! My kids too would drive me crazy to try it but I rarely gave in!! So neat to see a pic of your son at 4! So cute!!

  5. Hahaha well that makes for cute gamblers 😀

  6. I enjoy reading your blog so I tagged you in my post. 😉

  7. I hate that machine!

    There is one at our bounce house that the kids can keep going until they actually get a prize, which is cool. Even though it’s $1 to play and they get a ball that probably costs a nickel. LOL

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