This week in FAIL, Potato edition

Potato Fail…..


I have the WORST luck with potato dishes….

This week I tried making a cheesy sausage and potato dish with somewhat Meh results.

I peeled and diced potatoes. Then I boiled them for 15 minutes. I drained them and placed them into a greased baking dish.

I added cheese, heavy cream, homemade chive butter.

I added little smoked turkey sausages.

I baked it, for over an hour.

The dish was less than stellar.


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I’m not sure if I picked the wrong potatoes or if I’m just super picky. Either way, I’m not happy with the results.



  1. But, it sounds like it should be so good!

    • I know, right?!?!? The potatoes tasted funky. Not soft and creamy. Perhaps I used the wrong type of potatoes.

  2. Janice

    Really? It sounds delicious. Maybe you could add basil? I throw basil in many dishes.

  3. Oh no, what a disappointment! It definitely sounds like it should be scrumptious! I know this may sound really weird but I wonder if you had sliced the potatoes if it would have been nicer? I know, I know, I have some strange ideas but honestly food can taste so different depending on how it is cut – well for me anyway.
    šŸ™‚ Mandy

  4. Not sure what the result was,.. but, my suggestion, ( and you being a southern girl I’m sure it’s not news to you) is next time try evaporated milk, in place of the heavy cream,..and cut the cooking time to 25 minutes… or when ever the bubbles break the surface around the edges. Just a thought based on how I make Scalloped / Al Gratin potatoes…Heavy Cream is good too, but, sounds like you over cooked it based on …over an hour.
    Bless You

  5. Oh, just re read … I don’t pre- boil the potatoes either, though, I usually slice 1/8 an inch and not dice, but, looks about the same thickness…I think someone led you to overcook it is all…Happens to all of us of course. Lately, my biggest issue when cooking at home has been my electric stove top temps not remaining consistent when frying chicken…that’s a real pain in the thigh I tell ya!!! Anyway, bless you
    sounds like a healthy, delicious dish and I’m sure you will master it.

  6. Sounds like it should have been good though!

  7. Don’t mean to flood your comment section, though, after re thinking how I make Au Gratin/ Scalloped Potatoes ( as probably like you I don’t usually follow a set recipe) I do simmer the potatoes for maybe 5 minutes prior to putting into an oven dish. I don’t boil in water however, but simmer in the cream, or evaporated milk. I then pour entire mixture into casserole dish over ( usually Yukon Gold, or Yellow Potatoes ) and bake @ 350 for 25-35 minutes watching for browning, and bubbles that break the surface around the edges…before I test one potato. It hit me when I thought about my home oven not being as consistent as the convectional, or gas type ovens so, Temp variation means a lot, but, over an hour is too long for even white, or, russet potatoes, even if you haven’t pre-cooked them.
    Sorry for so many comments… I just get carried away about cooking. Also, I usually turn the oven to “Broil” with the door open watching till the cheesy top crisps and browns a bit the last few minutes… This to is dependent on ones oven, as some ovens brown perfectly by just baking, though most “Home” ovens do not. ( All to do with heat circulation )

  8. Darn hate to waste ingredients.

  9. Hmm…I’m not sure. Potatoes can be finicky. I’ve seen tips on soaking them before putting them in the oven but also to dry them out. I”m not sure.

  10. That should have been good. I love the idea šŸ™‚ Sorry you were disappointed.

  11. I feel like cream + cheese + sausage would make anything delicious–bummer about the potatoes! I rarely cook potatoes, but if I do, they have to be the small red ones or fingerling ones, roasted in the oven with garlic and herbs.

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