Butter, Shaken not Churned

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Yes, shaking is technically churning. Work with me people, it’s a cute title.
I’m a tiny bit addicted to Pinterest. I surf the pins for ideas almost daily. It’s easy since there’s an App for that!

Gotta love the iPhone!

I re-pinned a pin about making your own butter earlier this week (or maybe it was last week)….anyhoo

I made my own butter.


Take 1 mason jar (small)

Fill a jar with Heavy cream.


pour heavy cream into the jar


I filled the jar about half way up


a pinch of salt, cuz that's how I roll.


Start shaking! The cream will begin to thicken.

Keep shaking…

You’ll shake and shake and shake some more, then all of the sudden the noises will change again (about 12-15 minutes into shaking)

Now all of the sudden…




place the butter into a container and place it into the fridge


pour the liquid into a glass.....

This is the best buttermilk you’ll ever drink.



  1. I love pinterest too. I can’t stop looking at it

  2. Fabulous .- bet your arms ached at the end of all that shaking!

  3. Oh we just got on pinterest!

  4. Next time I have leftover heavy cream, I’m making butter!

  5. I love making butter, when we have real milk we make butter every week.. love the jar! c

  6. love this! Not that I need more butter around here, but I may need to try this for the sake of saying I made my own butter. Would be interesting to see if there is a taste difference either. Thanks for sharing

  7. Never knew you could make butter this way, how fabulous. Plus I won’t feel guilty eating that butter because of all that arm work 🙂


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