The Tale of Two Salads, this week in FAIL

I am working on adding more greens and whole grains to my families diet.   Not that we don’t love nachos, chicken fried steak and creamy, dreamy gravy….because we do.

It’s more about making wise choices about the food I feed my family.

I made two salads recently with two very different results.

The first salad I made was similar to Weight Watchers Greek Lemon-Dill Grilled Chicken Salad


One change I made….I placed the roasted red pepper into the food processor with the dressing.  My kids are iffy about eating any color peppers, so if they can’t see them….well, what they do not know does not hurt them. 😉

The salad was filling and really quite tasty.

The second salad I made was not so well received.   I made a Cesar Salad with kale.  Not unlike the salad over at Savoring Every Bite I made mine with raw kale.

I really like this salad.  Kale has a strong flavor, the Cesar dressing stood up to the kale and truly held its own.

My husband and children did not care for the kale salad.  Bummer. So….

Family wise it was a FAIL.


Kale is very good for you.  I’ll keep trying to find a way to get my family to eat kale.

Monday, I will tell you about a wonderful giveaway I’ll be hosting thanks to MyBlogSpark.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Love kale. This salad looks delicious!

  2. fivereflections

    have a good weekend too

  3. Have you tried making kale chips? That usually changes people’s perception of them. Raw is usually the hardest to win people over with.

    Both of those salads look great!

    • What recipe do you use for kale chips? There are so many.

  4. I tried juicing kale and ended up drinking the juice in shot glasses rather than dump it down the sink. Kale chips might work. 🙂

  5. Think both salads look and sound hgreat. How about making thin pancakes (crepes) and stuffing with a low fat bechamel sauce mixed with cheese and kale…?

  6. Such a good idea to hid veggies in sauces.. one way or another they need their greens and for some reason kids like raw food better! great! c

  7. I’m going to try that kale salad. I love kale. I second Michelle’s suggestion of kale chips. Everyone that I’ve had try them has loved them.

  8. I love kale! I think I’d enjoy both of these.

  9. Kale gets eaten in two dishes here: stews and spaghetti:

    chicken apple sausage

    all of the above sauteed together and served over spaghetti noodles. Very popular here.

  10. Good on you for trying new things and for trying to have everyone in your family eat a wider variety of healthy things. Shame about the kale salad. I think it looks rather lovely. But, you can only try! I’m sure the next one you make will be gobbled up!

  11. They sound good to me….

  12. For the raw kale salad the longer it sits the softer the kale will become but it is tough green to work with. I do love it for both taste and health!

  13. Janice

    I wouldn’t call this a fail. I mean, sounds like 1 salad was a go and you liked the other….and well, we mothers are the CEOs of the household. And since YOU liked the 2nd one, just saying….

    I’m not very fond of raw kale either although the benefits I’ve read about it makes it almost worth forcing it, but I do like kale in soups. My girls at least can eat them in soups.

  14. I love kale, but it definitely is more palatable when mixed in with other greens and ingredients. Unless it’s kale chips, I could eat those all day! (Toss kale with olive oil, S&P, maybe some vinegar, bake until slightly crispy–addictive, but it’s okay ’cause it’s healthy!).

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