Cut, Color, Style

I’m participating in the iPPP link up that Liz and KLZ host.

iPhone Photo Phun

Last Friday I did something I’ve never done before. I paid someone to professionally color my lovely locks.

I usually take care of the changing of the hue all on my own. It was very different having it done vs. doing it at home.


Yes, I took pictures of the process. Notice the hot pink cheeks? Yeah, not sure why I flushed so badly. It cleared up by Saturday morning, but I was pink faced all day Friday.

Now the finished product.



What new things have you done lately?



  1. Look at you glamour puss – very nice!

  2. I love your hair color and I wouldn’t have guessed you did anything to it. Oh to be a redhead!

    • Thank you Katherine! I am a natural strawberry blonde…or I was before kids and all. šŸ™‚

  3. Love the color! You have lovely hair. It must be a hair-change time of year. And getting it done at the salon is so much easier, it’s nice to shake up home dye-jobs with a professional one every so often.

    • Thanks Allie. I am trying to figure out if professional color jobs will cover my awful gray Little buggers!

  4. Pretty, pretty! I’m always pampering myself, but my hair color has always remained black!!

    • I tried black hair once….once. My complexion and black hair do not mesh. šŸ™‚

  5. Love the colour! So fresh and natural looking.

  6. mamafasha

    You look lovely!

  7. It looks great. My greys are getting terrible – your lovely hair is reminding me I need to go get that taken care of again!

    • Yep, gray invasion here too. I’m trying the professional color to see if it keeps the gray covered longer.

  8. Such a beautiful color! There is definitely something to be said about paying someone to do it for you.

  9. It’s always nice to be pampered once in a while, good for you! I’m due for a cut soon too and can’t wait šŸ™‚

  10. Love it!


    Love that your ooh pictures throughout!


    • Ahem. Hello auto-correct! That should say Love that you took pictures throughout! Wow. šŸ™‚

  11. I much prefer going to the hairdresser to DIY. I’m just trying to think if I’ve done anything new lately or am I stuck in a rut.

  12. Good for you! Something new is I’ve spend some money on myself. Not much mind you but none the less, not on my children, or my hubby, but me.

  13. Can’t argue with the results….

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