iPhone Photo Phun, The Family Edition

I’ve been having so much fun every week with the iPPP link up that Liz and KLZ host.

iPhone Photo Phun

I decided to let my family in on the fun.

We recently upgraded our teens to iPhones. It’s a long story…..

The tween and teen recently got the older version iPhones that my husband and I put away when we upgraded to the 4s versions.

My husband’s offering…

Me and my giant cup of coffee…

My favorite yellow cup

My Teen’s picture….

His Dad

My Daughter’s picture….

Her door and proof that I have yet to take down my christmas decorations.

More proof that my Christmas decorations are still up….

Shocking? Yep. I’ll get the decorations down this weekend.


How many random pictures do you have on your phone?


One more random picture from my phone. Silly hat time with my daughter.




  1. Oh dear, disable those cameras QUICK, they may be collecting incriminating evidence! c

  2. You sure love your crazy hats!

    • I do, I really do. Heh!!

  3. I’m hiding my iPhone right now. Nobody is seeing all the funny photos 🙂

  4. ..get those decorations down…you don´t want bad luck 😉 New iphones…lucky you!

  5. I say the fun has JUST begun!! 🙂

  6. AHH!! I can’t believe you still have Christmas up. *pause* Yup, there’s definitely a wreath on my front door. Which is just as bad, because the entire neighborhood gets to see it daily. So, apparently you’re not alone!

  7. OH NO…Christmas decorations…and with photographed proof!!

  8. What fun to see what they came up with!

    {Love the silly hat picture!}

  9. Fun photos!

  10. B

    Funny! I love looking at the photos our kids take – the things that they see are important. Truly cute.

    I love the hat photo too!

    Found you through iPPP – truly a phun way to share!

  11. Your family rules!

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