A proud Band Mom or iPPP bragging


My son won 1st chair in the All District Middle school band. Meaning he is the best middle school tuba player in our school district.

The All district band is made up of kids from all the middle schools in our (three city)  school district.

They had 2 practices and preformed 1 concert.

I’ve tried to link to a video of part of a song. I hope it works.

iPhone Photo Phun



  1. Congrats!

  2. Bravo. That is wonderful. I am soooo not musically inclined but I am a huge fan. A big congrats to your son.

  3. That’s great. Congratulations to him.

  4. Wow, congrats to your son! That is so great, you SHOULD be a proud Momma!

  5. Awesome! What a great accomplishment!!

  6. Yay! Congrats to your son!

  7. That’s awesome – congratulations to your boy!

  8. Janice

    Woohoo! All right for y’all!!

  9. Yeah!!

  10. A proud moment for you all – congratulations!

  11. That is so great. Congrats to him.

  12. Congrats!!! So exciting for your son.

  13. Bandtastic…My daughter was first chair Flute all through high school, and now, though I’m not as active as I once was, trying to get her to accompany my guitar with her flute is like trying to get eggs from a rooster.
    Bless You

  14. Well done, Mom! You do good work!

  15. Sweet!! Congratulations! I played band once. Literally. I was a drummer. (seriously) And when I discovered that drumming and choir practice happened at the same time the following year… Choir won.

  16. Liz

    As a former band geek (I played up through H.S. graduation), I know how big a deal that is. Kudos to him!

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