Why teenagers are like zombies, an odd birthday post

My teen-aged son is sick right now, the poor dear. His illness and 102. degree fever kept us home on New Year’s Eve and had us at the doctor bright and early on Monday morning.

The conclusion? A sinus infection and a (double, meaning both ears) ear infection.

“The Boy” as I like to call him here in the blogosphere….is about to be 14. Like Thursday he will be 14. Shocking I know.

On this day, 14 years ago I was anxiously awaiting the birth of my first child. He was a beautiful (10 and half pound) bundle of beautiful, boy joy!

Having survived the first year of being the mom of a teen, I’d like to discuss a few things I’ve noticed….this first year.

Teens (at least the boys) have a few things in common with zombies.

  • Both zombies and teens seem to be ruled by their need for food.
  • Both zombies and teens largely ignore any directions given to them.
  • Both zombies and teens are skilled at using their mouths as weapons. (Teens use words, not teeth.)

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Don’t get me wrong, my teen-aged son is a wonderful, intelligent, engaging person. Despite his teenage outbursts, massive eating abilities, and the occasional thoughtless words…he is awesomesauce!

I am thrilled, honored, and sometimes moved beyond words that I’ve been blessed with such a wonderful son.

Happy Birthday to my Awesome son!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your son – hope he is all better by Thursday to celebrate.
    πŸ™‚ Mandy

  2. He is lucky to have such a wonderful mum and you are likewise blessed with such a great son. Happy Birthday to him and Happy Birth Day to you!

  3. My Boy is 18yo… you’re right! Teen males and zombies are frighteningly similar.

    Happy Birthday to your Boy.

    (visiting via PYHO)

  4. I have to crack up at the comparison! Sounds right to me.

    Hope he’s feeling better soon!

  5. MEL

    As a former teen boy, I guess I’d have to agree!

  6. Oh, man! Totally agree with your comparisons! Especially the last one. As a teenager myself, I know how that goes. πŸ˜› Happy Birthday to your son!

    Visiting from PYHO. πŸ™‚

  7. Kathy Kramer

    If you can survive raising a teen-aged boy, you can survive anything. πŸ™‚ You’re comparison is spot on, too. Have you had to deal with that distinctive teen-aged boy smell yet? My son just turned 20 last fall. I hope your son feels better.

    visting via PYHO

  8. Having a teenage step-daughter, I can assure you that the analogy holds true for teenage girls as well!

    • It must be a teen thing Betsy!!

  9. My oldest is 14 and I agree with everything! He is such a wonderful young person but I swear I cook for an army with him. Happy birthday to him!

    • Marissa, it’s amazing how much they can eat huh?

  10. Happy birthday to your son! Hope he’s feeling all better for it. And I love the hiding behind a hoodie pictures…very “teen” πŸ™‚

    • He’s only tolerant of a few pictures before he hides.

  11. someonetodosomething

    I love the comparison! Slightly disturbed me as a mum of two boys four and nine, and they both eat me out of house and home now, nevermind it increasing tenfold when they’re teens! Help! lol. Hope he is feeling better, ears can be a right pain in the backside.

    Happy Birthday to him and congrats to you! You’ve survived fourteen years!! lol

  12. Oh no, sorry to hear he’s still sick! I think zombies and men also have a thing or two in common.

    • LoL some men might indeed retain zombie qualities. πŸ™‚

  13. Happy Birthday *and* get well wishes to your boy!

    And teenage girls share the same zombie commonalities. So you’re warned.

  14. Happy birthday to your boy! I hope he feels better!!

  15. 14 years! My son is 8 and every birthday hurts just a little more. I love the comparison of teens to zombies, now I really have something to look forward to!

    Hope he’s feeling better very soon.

    • Thank you! You’re right, each birthday hurts. They grow up too fast.

  16. Happy Birthday to your son!
    What a beautiful post for him, such love.

  17. Angie

    Haha! They are very similar aren’t they? I don’t look forward to my grocery bill when I am feeling 2 teen boys at the same time!

    Hope he feels better before his birthday!

    • Two teenaged boys… Eek! Heh. I’ve got 1 boy and 1 girl. I’m hopeful that the girl won’t be quite as voracious.

  18. Love the comparison here! All of sudden my son sleeps SOOOO late! Winter break came to end today, and I thought he was going to die! LOL Happy birthday to your son!

    • It’s rough having to get up like normal folks, poor teens!

  19. Too funny! And as the mom of a 14 yr old, I completely agree. Do not get between a teenage boy & there food. It could be deadly! Hope your teen has a great birthday!

  20. Happy birthday to your guy! I hope the birthday celebration has been wonderful!

    • Thanks Galit! We took him out to dinner. He had a nice birthday!

  21. I pray he gets better soon…In Jesus’ Name…Amen

  22. Happy birthday to your son!!

  23. Gosh it’s so hard to imagine my son being a teenager but it will be here in a flash. That blows my mind. It’s nice to hear in your post that, though we will both change many times by then, the love will stay the same. Happy birthday, zombie boy!

    • Thanks! He had a nice birthday.

  24. Janice

    Maybe it really starts in the tweens cuz you just described my almost 11-year old! LOL. Happy belated bday to your son.

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