Christmas Traditions


Count down to Christmas!



We have many Christmas Traditions.



iPhone Photo Phun

Some are new…..

20111221-094908.jpglike Christmas Mani-Pedis



Some are crafty…


Christmas ornaments, made for my nieces and nephews


and my kids, of course

And, the tree…must go up on Thanksgiving or the day after….


What are your Holiday Traditions?



  1. You get nails at christmas! I like that tradition! c

  2. We have our big meal Christmas Eve and open one gift each that day.

  3. We make ornaments and get takeout on Christmas Eve. I need to try my hand at those birds right now!

  4. KLZ

    I love advent calendars!! Looks like you guys have a great time this time of year.

  5. We have panettone with caffe latte and then champagne on Christmas morning and open our stockings full of really tacky, silly gifts 🙂

  6. OOOOOH! I want Christmas mani-pedis!!

    Also, I’m totally stealing the ornament idea. Thanks!!

  7. I have sooo many traditions I love to follow, but I’ll narrow it down to gift opening on Xmas Eve, stockings on Xmas morning – and you’re never too old to get a stocking from Santa!

  8. Christmas massage will definitely be a tradition I start this year because I’m moving over the weekend!

  9. Ok love the ornaments. You’re going to have to post a tutorial!

    Our traditions are: going to my folks on Christmas Eve, where the kids get to open their presents from my side of the family and then home on Christmas morning for stockings and the rest of the gifts. Cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast 🙂

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