The Holidays, through my pinterest board.

Have you been on pinterest?

I’m fairly addicted to pinterest.  Lots of lovely ideas and blog posts to look through.

Michelle, of So, I married a Mennonite is hosting a Pinterest Party!

Specifically, this month, Holiday related pins.

For me, Holiday means Christmas.

Here is a link to all my Christmas pins.

Here are a few of my favorites….

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest



Do you pin? I’d love to hear about your holiday related pins.



  1. I’ve heard of this, but am not familiar with it at all. Something I need to check into!

  2. Can you explain it a little more?

    • Pinterest is a internet pin board. You can sort through the items that other people have “pinned”, most items link to blog posts or etsy shops. If you like the pin, you can re-pin it to your own “pin board”.
      It’s basically a internet sharing service. Many people pin their blog posts or blog posts they like and want to share with others.

  3. We don’t pin, but boy we can tell when one of our pictures is pinned. Traffic spikes for a bit. Those stockings are too cool.

    • It’s a great traffic tool, that’s for sure!

  4. Looove those bars, so pretty and festive. And I bet they’re amazing…Anyway, I try to stay away from pinterest, ’cause I have a feeling I’d love it and I already have too many ways to waste time on the Internet 😀

    • Oh girl, I’ve got the app on my iPhone. It’s truly addictive.

      • Oh no, you can take it with you on your phone? Okay, my goal of avoiding pinterest is going to continue, or I’ll never escape…

  5. I love the idea of Epsom salts in a glass jar for a candle holder, especially!

    • Isn’t that a great idea!?!?

  6. I haven’t had a chance to look at it, but it seems like a great source of inspiration!

    • Inspiration, mild obsession. 🙂

  7. You absolutely did it right! Thanks for linking up, Jamie- I hope you get some new visitors! 🙂

    • Oh good! I’m glad I did not mis-read the instructions!

  8. Holidays must rock at your house!


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