Frugally yours, for the Holidays.

I read a great post on Things I Can’t Say yesterday. I love reading what Shell writes, I like to think that we’d be coffee or wine friends if we lived in the same state. I think that about more than a few people, but I’m way friendly and super social in my imagination. Anyhooo…. I loved the concept.

It’s okay.

I want to say something similar, but holiday related.

It’s okay……

If more than half of my Christmas gifts are homemade this year.

I am going to spend the next few weeks posting about homemade or handmade things you can gift to friends, teachers, neighbors, and of course family.

I’d like to hear from you…..

What sort of homemade goodies should we explore? I’ve had a request for jarred cake, I’m working on that.

Any other requests?


Please leave a comment.

I want to hear your thoughts.



  1. Looking forward to all the homemade gift ideas – will have a think and get back with some ideas.
    🙂 Mandy

  2. Great idea – I´ve made an apron, oven glove and fabric bunting for one pal and a crocheted vest for another, a knitted hat for one male pal and am currently making neck warmers. As for the food stuff…well, I´ll bottle some of my cherry brandy and orange liqueur and have plans for cookies and sweets too! I love home made gifts…so much nicer and more thoughtful 🙂

  3. My daughter and I are making t-shirt scarves and jewelry.

  4. I love love homemade gifts! I do a lot of crocheting/knitting, so I’m sure all my friends are sick of scarves, haha. I made holiday plates for my family members one year and then filled them with cookies (you can decoupage fabric onto the back of cheap clear glass plates from craft stores), and another year I made footwarmers for everyone (and that one got rave reviews, I still use mine) but I guess that’s not as useful in Texas. Oh! Decorated canvas shopping bags with fabric paint one year, custom for each person. Yeahh, clearly a fan of the DIY 😀 Looking forward to hearing/seeing your ideas!

  5. What about some of that awesome jam you made?

  6. Just finished a bunch of crocheted snowflakes for my daughter’s Christmas tree…I made my first ones 25 years ago, when I was pregnant with my oldest, and they’ve always hung on our family tree.

  7. Kathleen

    Since I love to cook and our daughter lives with her grandmother now, we are gifting her with a home cooked steak dinner that she used to love when she lived with us.

  8. Excellent. i love home made.. FUDGE! that is what i would like to explore! c

  9. I always have something homemade to give each year! Mostly my cookies are gifted, but also bags of homemade granola, my recent posting of Gingerbread Ornaments, liquors; last year was vanilla extract…

  10. I actually was planning on making some cookie mix and muffin mix in a jar. Yay! Oh, and I like the fudge idea as well from ceciliag.

  11. We’d so be wine friends. (I’m not a coffee drinker LOL)

    Can’t wait to see your suggestions!

  12. I love your ideas! And I am a big fan of the homemade Christmas. We are making my daughter a dollhouse for Christmas this year. We made holiday ornaments with our daughter’s picture for grandparents and our daughter made Christmas magnets from wood shapes she painted. We also make soaps and candles some years. I embroidered an art bag and pencil pouch for my little brother who is a budding artist, so he can keep all his art supplies in hand. I love homemade! Keep those great ideas flowing!


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