Pumpkin Chips? This week in Fail……

Yes, I said pumpkin chips.

Crisp and chewy….strange

And I said FAIL.

I’m down to two pumpkins left.  Can you believe it?  I decided to try something different with this pumpkin.

After an evening of dinner failure, that resulted in a dinner out.  Okay, that deserves more of an explanation.  I planned to make a beef dish, I opened the beef package and it smelled wrong to me.  My husband could not tell if it was bad or just me so we tossed it.  Dinner out.  At dinner I started coughing and sneezing, so I’m pretty sure the meat was okay, my sense of smell is always off when I am sick or pregnant (and there is no possible way I am pregnant) so I must be getting sick

When we got home, I wanted to tackle one of the pumpkins, but I did not want to roast it. Thus the idea of pumpkin chips was born.

Pumpkin Chips

I cut, seeded and skinned part of a pumpkin.  I used my *mandoline to slice the pumpkin into thin chip-ish slices.


*a few moments for mandoline safety…… BE CAREFUL.  Use the slicing guide.  If you are not Uber careful, you will be slicing your self up instead of your food.

Back to pumpkin chips…..

We, my super cute helper (daughter) and I,  placed the slices in the dehydrator.

The pumpkin chips dehydrated overnight (12 hours) and this morning they look like this

They are certainly dried, they are sort of crisp, sort of chewy.  I don’t think pumpkin chips really work.

It was an interesting experiment, but a FAIL.

Monday Allie and I will be hosting another slow cooker recipe link-up.  I would like to encourage you to participate (if you have a slow cooker), try out a new recipe this weekend….take a few pictures, post them on Monday and link-up with us. Or link-up a previously posted slow cooker recipe.

Let’s show everyone what wonderful things we can create with our slow cookers!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I am off to take more vitamin C and rest, maybe if I baby myself today I’ll feel okay this weekend.



  1. Aw, I hope you’re not getting too sick! Definitely take it easy this weekend. Spend some time hangin’ by the slow cooker 😀 And pumpkin chips sound like an interesting experiment, shame they didn’t come out any good. I have a dehydrator on my never-ending “kitchen gadgets I want” list. Some day. When I don’t have roommates that destroy nice things…

  2. On the bright side you got to use that cool Vader poster.

  3. Chip-ish slices…love it! Oh well, some you win and some you lose. Do hope you are not coming down with something too nasty 😦

  4. Don’t toss them. Try them in a stew later in the winter, like you might use dehydrated mushrooms…
    Get better soon – mine lasted a week. It would have been better faster if I’d given up and gone back to bed the first day…just sayin’, ya know?

  5. kat

    Pumpkin chips sound like a great idea! So jealous you have a dehydrator!! Those things are awesome!

  6. Ah, I like a fellow blogger who embraces the fail – and they don’t look like a fail either, so good on you for being honest. By the by, I’m always throwing meat away because I think it smells funny. I’m sure it can’t be off as often as I think it is, but once you’ve had food poisoning I think it scars you…


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