Savvy Shopping, Grocery Style

I have not written as much about savvy shopping as I intended to. 

Save Money Vacation

I’ve got a grocery budget.  I’m sure you probably do too.  Every two weeks, bi-monthly I have a specified amount of money to spend on grocery/home items.

I like to make tasty meals for my family, I try to buy organic products, I try to buy quality products.  These things are harder to do with a tight budget.

Teenagers, well…they are ALWAYS hungry.

In order to buy the things my family wants/needs and stay within my budget I shop smart.

Shopping smart means using coupons when I can.

Here in Texas one of my “go to” grocery stores stopped doubling coupons (Kroger).


So, my shopping options narrowed a bit.

Yesterday I went to Tom Thumb (part of the Safe Way grocery chain) and bought groceries.

I shopped savvy, took advantage of the sales, used my coupons and the store coupons saved a lot!

Here is a copy of the picture I posted on my personal (read as Non-blog) Facebook page.

Grocery Store: Pwned

I bought 60 items. I spent $111.25 and I saved $116.76 which is 51%.  That breaks down to about $1.85 per item.

Here is what I bought.

Items I intend to donate are marked in Blue

  • 2 turkeys (one 10 pound smoked and one 13 pound uncooked)
  • 3- 1 pound packages of ground beef
  • frozen fish
  • 2 packages of salad mix
  • 2 packages of fresh green beans
  • cole slaw mix (just the veggies)
  • cherry tomatoes
  • 2- loaves of bread
  • 4- twelve packs of soda
  • 2- twenty-four packs of water
  • 3 packages of Betty Crocker cookie mix
  • 2 packages of Betty Crocker cake mix
  • 2 packages of Muffin Mix
  • 5 packages of frozen veggies
  • Splenda
  • chocolate syrup
  • 3 packages of jello pudding
  • Knorr concentrated chicken stock
  • Mayonnaise
  • 2 Carnation evaporated milk
  • 5 cans of broth (chicken and beef)
  • Pam Baking spray
  • sugar
  • 2 frozen side items
  • ice cream
  • Frozen Apple pie
  • 2 pie crusts
  • frozen cranberries
  • butter
  • 2 packages of Hawaiian rolls
  • 2 packages of lunch meat (turkey and ham)

Not too shabby huh?

Some of the items I bought are for my monthly “Shopping with your community in mind” food donation.  It’s a long name, but I’ve not thought of a shorter name I like for what I do.

The idea of people in my community starving makes me a

Sad Panda

so I try to set aside a bit of my grocery budget each month to shop for those in need.

This month I have been buying more luxury items for my donations.  Things like cookie mixes and pudding.  I also bought a bunch of ketchup and salsa on sale two weeks ago, so my donation will be luxury item flush this month.

If you do not participate in food donating, I’d love to inspire you to begin.  Any little bit helps.  Food pantries (in my area) are always in need of peanut butter, rice, dried beans, and canned meats.

Do you shop with coupons?

Do you donate food to local food pantries?



  1. That is wonderful that you donate! We collect at work and our church as well. I shop at a local grocery store for basics and then my market for veggies, fruits and meats. I’ve got a very hungry boy at home with all his friends…I’ve taught him to cook cuz I buy no prepared foods!!

  2. Nice haul! I’m definitely a couponer, though extreme I am not. I’m always striving for 50% savings at least when I shop!

  3. WOAH! Way to save major bucks! And I love that you donate. I always think I don’t have the money to do that, but heck, no reason I can’t buy an extra bag of dried beans or something like that to pass along, it’s real food, will help a good cause and won’t break my bank. So thank you for inspiring me to do a little giving back! Now off to research some local food banks…

  4. I love that you pwned the grocery store and donate!. That’s totally shopping savvy!

  5. How wonderful – both that you donate and that you´ve saved so much. No schemes of either sort here but maybve one day….well done to you!

  6. I am NOT a shopper. I have a lot to learn! c

  7. I’ve tried to get in to coupon shopping but have found it’s hard to keep up with.. Lol those are some awesome savings.. Maybe I’ll have to try again…

  8. Wow, I need to take lessons from you!

  9. I really like your approach to this. You do it so painlessly by donating items after saving so much. Although, however you do it is noble.

  10. Wow! Impressive. I was able to score a 41% savings this week at Tom Thumb, might be my all time record.

  11. Sounds like you’re ready for “Extreme Couponing”, the series! Good for you, young lady!

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