Today, I’ve got nothing….

Do you have blah days?  Total blank brain days?  Days where hot chocolate and a good (insert low impact activity here)  is all you desire?

Days where being funny and creative for a blog post

Just. Isn’t. Happening.

Hello.  🙂  Me too.



Yep.  That’s me.  I’m feeling lazy today. It feels a bit like failing to post.



BTW: If you google/yahoo/ (whatever search engine you use) Demotivational Images, beware and don’t let small children see the screen.

Yeah, some of them are just that bad.

Have a super weekend!


See you on Monday.



  1. Love that cat one thought.. yep I have those days too.. c

    • I hope you fingers are healing.

  2. Yeah, I’m feeling ya on that, had a couple bloggy ideas but couldn’t pull anything into a solid idea. We’ll see how the afternoon goes with that…

    Regardless, have a lovely weekend!

    • It happens. Hope your weekend was a great one.

  3. We all have those days – enjoy it!

  4. Sometimes you just need a break…just like that kitty!!

    • So true. I’m feeling less blah today!

  5. Every day is like that for me… unless it’s my day off! haha Hot chocolate actually sounds good.. Just got some new Butterscotch Cocoa.. I may have to have some now. So thank you for the good idea. 🙂

    • You’re welcome! Butterscotch sounds yummy!

  6. We all get them…and they don’t end when the kids leave home, either.
    Have an extra cup of cocoa for me.

    • I worry that they may increase when my kids grow up and leave.

  7. Looks I’ve got my next google search term ready to go in my next tea break! Love the face palm!

    • Ha! Me too, the face palm was Awesome.

  8. You should put on your orange knit thinking cap!

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