Good Morning Pie


There's nothing wrong with pie for breakfast........

Of course, I made pumpkin pie with one of the Halloween pumpkins I’m not a robot.

Okay, I dressed up as a robot wife for Halloween, but I’m fairly sure I am not a Stepford wife.

I guess I’d be the last one to know though huh?

Yes, it’s true, I’m eating pie for breakfast. There are eggs in it so Hush!

Pumpkin pie is one of my favorite pies.

Things about me and pumpkin pie……

  • I always make at least 2 pies.

Sometimes I use freshly baked pumpkin, other times I use canned, organic pumpkin.

Here’s the ingredient list for pumpkin pie. To see the rest of the recipe, click here.

Ingredient List:

How do you make your pumpkin pie?

What is your favorite pie?



  1. I do eat pie for breakfast too! Not the chocolate type, but any fruit pie and of course pumpkin! Never on a week day as I don’t want any sugar to mess up my day, but on a weekend I will. Kinda allows me to work off the calories throughout the day!

    • I’m glad to know I am not alone in the breakfast pie eating.

  2. I would eat pumpkin pie for breakfast too! It’s so delicious and I feel like fall is the only time you can eat it!

    • Pumpkin is best during the fall!

  3. Pumpkin pie is one of my absolute favorites. I may have enjoyed it once or twice for breakfast.

    • It’s the best breakfast. 🙂

  4. I love pumpkin pie. I love brandy and cream in mine. And cloves, always cloves. Love your recipe.

    • Brandy and cream sounds great, but not for breakfast. 😀

  5. Pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite pie. Any time of year! Yum yum.

    • Yay for pumpkin! I got something in the mail from you today (Monday)

      THANK YOU!

  6. I eat all sorts of weird and wonderful (and often very spicy) things for breakfast, so Pumpkin Pie sounds positively healthy and normal! Lovely recipe, I knew you´d give us a great one 🙂

    • Oh spicy, interesting!!

  7. My sister would agree with you. She also endorses cookie breakfast.

    • The cookie breakfast sounds brilliant. Which sister?

  8. Love this Pumpkin pie recipe…and promise you I will be baking it… whether I eat any of it for breakfast…probably depends on if I’m still hungry after eating the left over Pizza Pie…
    Bless You

    • Pizza for breakfast, my husband and son would approve.

  9. Amen, Sister-Friend! Remember Bill Cosby’s routine about Cake for Breakfast?
    “It has EGGS…it has MILK…”

  10. I’m actually not a pumpkin pie fan. Except for pumpkin cream pie. YUM.

    • Which pie do you prefer Shell?

  11. “Yes, it’s true, I’m eating pie for breakfast. There are eggs in it so Hush!”

    bahaha you’re too funny!!

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