Thanksgiving and Holiday prep, an a confession about shopping

The North American holiday, Thanksgiving is just around the corner (for those of us in the United States).  If you follow many foodie blogs that are U.S. based, I’m sure you’re already very aware of this.

Let's Talk Turkey!

We are talking turkey, getting very verbal about veggies, posting a plethora of pies.

Oh, that was silly.  I’ll stop now.

Suffice it to say that check lists are being made.  Frozen and fresh turkeys are being pursued.  Cranberries are in high demand.  Pumpkin and Pecan are kings in pie land.


Thanksgiving is about family, food, thankfulness, food, football, food, naps, and food.

Did I mention food?

A few lovelies to check out for Thanksgiving food ideas……

Sweet Caroline’s Cooking

Rufus’s Food and Spirits guide

Savoring Every Bite

For tips on the lighter side of Thanksgiving, check out my friend Lori (MommyFriend)’s Turkey Notes post on Babble.

The other things Thanksgiving means is, shopping.  Black Friday* is Big here.

*Black Friday = the day after Thanksgiving sales.

Black Friday means I need to be done or mostly done Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving.  Yes, you read that right.

I plan to be mostly done shopping before Thanksgiving.

In years past, I have trudged out into the pre-dawn world of Black Friday shopping.  I have shopped for hours, returned home with my trunk full and my body exhausted from lack of sleep.

I’ve gotten some great deals, but I’ve been a real B-itch to live with for a day or two afterwards. Family time be darned,  I’m getting a good deal.  It was almost an addiction. Must get the good deal, must…..


Last year, after talking to my husband, I shopped before Thanksgiving.   We spent a lovely Friday together as a family, decorated our Christmas tree and wrapped presents.

So, while I am prepping for Thanksgiving, I am also out doing my Christmas shopping.

Getting things purchased or at least outlined, so I’ll be able to spend Friday with my family not fighting for bobbles in a store at 4 A.M.

So, while I will miss the deals of early morning shopping on Black Friday, I’ll be a nicer wife and Mommy by opting out.

When do you start your Christmas prep?



  1. I need to do some shopping! I hate saving it for the last minute–but I have absolutely NO idea what to get my parents this year! Well, I’m going to get them a camera (they have an almost 10-year-old digital camera that has a screen the size of a postage stamp and goes through a battery every five minutes…), but we all do stockings for each other, so I always need to start stocking up on little goodies…

  2. I think Thanksgiving is such a lovely celebration – maybe we´ll do a mini version here, just the two of us. And fortunately in Spain they give gifts on 6th January (Epiphany) as it´s the Three Kings who bring gifts, so a bit more breathing space!

  3. I have never shopped on Black Friday! That was always my day to decorate for Christmas! I’m definitely a list maker – as you know, and thank you so much for the mention! I’m usually shopping in November and finishing up before Christmas Cookie baking time!!

  4. I can’t deal with Black Friday shopping. The lack of sleep and the crazy crowds- just not worth it!

  5. Thanks so much for the shout out! I can’t contain my excitement for Thanksgiving. I’m ready to eat allll day. I think I’ve only shopped on Black Friday one year. Needless to say, it was absolutely insane…but great deals!

  6. I’m excited about Black Friday. I have my plan already set for where my sisters and I will shop first.

  7. kat

    I am so excited for Black Friday!! A lot of stores are opening at midnight, so that means 24 hours of no sleep! Hahah aahhh and don’t forget about the weekend! So much shopping! Hope you get some great finds! 🙂

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