My life as Band Mom….

I’m a middle school mom.  Being a middle school mom means many things.  Snarky comments from tweens/teens, crazy extracurricular schedules,  teen drama and band performances.

You see, I’m a band mom.  My son is a Tuba player.  Band performances include concerts, contests, pep rallies and football games.

I’m not a sports person.  I struggled through both of my tots playing soccer. Barely made it.  Football is fun though.

Middle school football is fun.  Awesome runs, crazy point totals, and band performances.

Band performances mean

  1. Hard bleachers
  2. Dinner on the run
  3. Lots of yelling

I decided to make Philly Cheese steak sandwiches for the game.  They are portable and filling.   Here are pictures from my Tuesday night.

First, the making of the sandwiches. I wrapped the sandwiches in foil and transported them to the game.



The dinner

Here are the pictures from the game.




My band teen


My Grandmother and my daughter


Nachos....don't judge.

We had a great time!  Our 8th grade team won. 😀

iPhone Photo Phun

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  1. Ummmm….so I’ll pretend that Im in a band if you’ll make those for me…Yummmmmm!!!

  2. Liz

    My mouth is watering and it’s not even 9 am!

    I bet you are the envy of every.single.person in the stands!

    I, too, was in band but never ate yummy stuff like that! Boo. 🙂

    • Thanks Liz! I enjoyed making the sandwiches

  3. Mmm, I will never judge nachos! There is a restaurant w/ vegan ones, and despite being at least 30 minutes away, I will drive across the city when a craving hits. And I was a band kid! Saxophone. Ohh, those football game memories. Which didn’t come with philly cheesesteak, unfortunately…

    And let’s hear it for iphone photos 😀 Going to go check out that linkup, since I will have to inadvertently join for the next week or so, haha.

    • #IPPP (iPhone photo phun is a hoot!)

      The nachos and a pickle were bought at the game. I could not resist!

  4. Oh this is one of my favorite things to eat and I never make them at home. The shot with all the cheese, yum.

    • The nachos were cheesy gooey goodness

  5. Don’t worry–I would NEVER judge your nachos. Because I’d chow down on a batch of those in a heartbeat! =) Also, Philly Steak sandwiches are great. I think it’s awesome that you made your own–I should give it a whirl.

  6. Band and football games! Ah…I played clarinet.

    • Fun! My son really enjoys the band. He is looking forward to the High School game the 8th graders are invited to later this month.

  7. No judgement here- yum! 🙂

  8. Ado

    I *loved* your list of what it means to be a band parent – “lots of yelling.”
    I second that in the violin parent world. Ahem.
    I have never eaten or seen a Philly cheesesteak sandwich before and was recently wondering what is in them. Now I know!
    PS: God how I love kids who play the tuba. They are always deep characters. Like accordianists.

    • My sandwiches had thin cut (frozen) steak meat…*drained*, peppers and onions, provolone cheese, and a small amount of mayo. They will be super greasy if you do not drain the meat first.

  9. KLZ

    I love nachos and diet Dr. Pepper like nobody’s business – so I can’t judge! Yum!

  10. Mmm… Yummy sandwich, congratulations for your son’s team though.

  11. Yeah…now you’re talking about things that should be smelled, and eaten at a State or county fair…Or, a tale-gate-party…good choices.
    Bless You

  12. it is amazing that your gran is still alive – a lot of generations there 🙂

    • Yes, we’re very lucky to have my grandmother with us still. My husband still has one set of grandparents as well. It is great to have so many generations of our family. 🙂

  13. Ahh, I remeber those days! No band kid among my three, but chior, theater, and horse shows…I made and packed tons of eat-it-on-the-run meals…

    • it’s amazing how many dinners on the run we make as moms huh?

  14. Yay team! Have you had walking tacos?? Favorite bleacher food!

    • I have not, they sound interesting though.

  15. Oh, yum! What a good mom you are! Those sandwiches look delicious.

    And um…concession stand nachos are my FAVORITE.THING.EVER.

  16. Can I come and cheer with you?!

  17. There is nothing better than a good Philly Cheese Steak – I always tend to gravitate towards them when they’re on the menu. I was in Color Guard during high school so I definitely understand being with the band and having to eat on the run!

    • 🙂 color guard, fun!

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