Garden Gab…the end is near.

The MyBlogSpark giveaway has ended. The winner was comment #18

“Good Cooks :

Your banana bread looks very yummy, Thanks Jamie, I would like to try it with oatmeal raisin cookie.”

Say hello to Samah on her blog, Good Cooks.

I will have another giveaway soon, because giveaways are fun! 😀

Anyhoo……Happy Friday my friends. It has been a few weeks since I have updated you on my garden.

See all my earlier Garden Gab posts here.

I’m afraid my gardening is winding down. My raised garden box is sinking-sideways into the earth. The super hot, relentlessly dry summer, combined with water restrictions created large cracks in my backyard. Don’t worry, my house foundation is perfectly fine thanks to soaker hoses.

I tried to show the crazy lean in a picture. I’m not sure I did it justice.

I swear, I'm holding the camera straight. Notice the lean?

Pardon my grass, it needs to be mowed. So, hopefully you can see…my raised garden bed is sinking. My husband is working on my expanded garden space, but it won’t be ready for Fall planting so, I’m probably done gardening until the Spring.

I cut the okra down. Since my garden is sinking I have been removing the plants. The only plants left in the raised garden? The (unexpectedly) hot peppers. The royal purple bean plants. The purple hull peas. And, of course, Strawberrytopia.

The royal purple bean plants are very small still, they flower but have not produced any beans.

The mint plant is still doing well. It has not taken over the side garden. I believe the heat probably stunted its growth.

The carrots are still small-ish, I think maybe I planted them too close together?

Now for the really exciting part. The purple hull peas? Growing lovely little peas. The pea pods start out looking like strange monster claws. claws

The monster claws grow longer and wider, the peas within grow and swell the pods. Then they look like this…

They grow peas that look like this…

There are not enough peas for a meal yet, but I’m very excited about the purple hull peas! They are the only reason that I have not completely gutted the garden box yet.

How is your garden growing? Are you planting this fall?

Don’t forget that Allie and I will have a new set of canning posts for you on Monday. We would LOVE IT if you would link up with us!

Have a super weekend!



  1. I love your garden box. What a great idea! Sadly, the cooler weather here in Chicago also is counting down our gardening days. Do you grow anything indoors during the winter? Anyway, I liked your blog and your pictures. Thanks for writing it!

    • Thank you Dan! I have not decided if I am going to grow anything inside this year. The summer was really rough on my garden. Texas has been crazy hot.

  2. Sad to see it all go, except of course the heat.

    • Right? Heat be gone! I figured you’d be excited to see the purple hulls.

  3. Those purple hull peas are fun – have never seen them before! Our garden is still hanging on in there, although I´m not sure the second planting of tomatoes will ever go red. We didn´t have such intense heat as you though so may that´s why we´ve still got a little life out there. Have a great weekend JamieAnne!

    • Purple hulls are similar to black eyed peas. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Tanya!

  4. *That* is a crazy lean!

    My royal purple bush beans have just started really producing in this last week. And my kentucky wonder pole beans, that I have always had a lot of success with, well, I’ve gotten 4 beans off of probably 30 plants!

    I’m just now starting to get yellow squash too. It’s been a very non-productive garden season for me.

    • It’s been a crazy summer! I’m glad you have had some productive plants though. 🙂

  5. Peas! And my garden is mostly done, short of a plethora of herbs. And it MUST be hot if your mint didn’t absolutely take over, that stuff is about 90% a weed, 10% useful enough not to be 😀

    • It really does show just how hot it’s been huh? You should see my ivy…it’s crispy.

  6. The lean of your garden shows that it has attitude! Yay!

    • Heh! I’m a little afraid it’s going to fall into the side of the pool…which would be really bad.

  7. I granted you the “Versatile Blogger Award”

    Have Fun

    • Thanks Paul! Have a great week!

  8. What a beautiful garden Jamie, we also had enough this year with the heat wave, our plants barely could resist and some died, but your’s looks very good, wow I love gardening.
    Thank you darling for the giveaway, I’m so happy with it. I will reply my information to you soon.

    • Wonderful! Thanks so much for entering! It’s been a hot summer I’m looking forward to cooler Fall temperatures.

  9. I am amazed at how much your garden sunk 🙂

    • I know, it’s crazy town! I’ll be sad when my husband tears it down.

  10. Your garden is too cute (even if it has sunk!), I wonder if that would work here? I’m desperate for a veggie garden….don’t have one, if my plants are not eaten by bugs or hadedas (garden birds the size of small dogs, I kid you not) or the monkeys, the killer heat gets them. Life in Africa….

    • Monkeys! Wowzers! My garden pests are much smaller. 🙂

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