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Today is the last day to enter the My Blog Spark, Betty Crocker White Wheat Flour giveaway! Here is a link to it. Giveaway. The giveaway closes at 9 pm central time zone tonight. 9/22/11.
Okay…on to my Thursday post. I tried to adapt a recipe for a spicy cornbread. I did something wrong….it did not turn out right. It was really gross. Gross and thick and just plain yucky.
I’m post recycling. It’s good for the interwebs, and really good for days when your recipe falls flat and you have nothing to post! πŸ˜€
Our local news has reported a lot of car break-ins in my city over the past few weeks. Seeing the news stories reminds me of when my car was broken into.
Car break-ins are not really investigated. It’s a frustrating crime. It is low priority for the authorities. Low priority or not, it is a horrible violation. I have had my car broken into twice since we moved here 8 years ago. Once the window was broken and I had non-perishable items such as soda, water and paper towels stolen.
This post is about second time my car was broken into……….I wrote this a year, maybe a year and a half ago.


It’s funny, the things that really matter to one person are just trash to another.

Let me explain.

My car was broken into last night.

I believe I failed to lock it last night so, I guess it really was “opened” by persons unknown and rummaged through, but it felt like a break in. No windows were broken, nothing taken from the dashboard. All my car’s nooks and crannies were opened, searched and items were left scattered about the car.
I have learned not to leave things of value in the car. A lesson you learn when your window gets smashed in so that unknown people can steal the coke and paper towels out of your trunk area.
All that is to say, that I rarely leave anything important to me in the car, and I usually lock it.
Last evening I must have been in rare form, because I left my coupon carrier in the car and the car remained unlocked. My coupon carrier looks a little like a wallet, it usually stays in my purse, but it must have fallen out and landed on the seat.
When my daughter and I got into my SUV this morning everything was askew. Things were open, not where they should have been and there were little white pieces of paper all over the drive way.
I made a mental check: nothing seemed missing, then I realized I had left my coupon carrier in the car. The loss of my saving tool, my way to get things at half price or better was awful. My “Mommy’s little helper” to stay on budget is very important to me. Taking care of my family, helping save money for our families future…these are my JOBS.

My job tool was taken, think of it like a carpenter without his hammer.


I’m happy to say that I found it.
2 houses down, dumped out, coupons wet from dew and all left vulnerable on the grass and driveway of an unknown neighbor’s house.
My daughter and I collected the coupon carrier and all the poor, wet coupons and I took her to school.
My coupons are all soaked, but most of them are still there. I guess the thieves decided they were junk, not worth their time.

It’s a little funny….here’s a little of what they left behind.

CVS extra bucks worth $21
Walgreens Register Rewards worth $10
Tom Thumb Catalina’s worth $6
Kroger Catalina’s worth $4
a Kroger digital reward certificate (good for a free movie a $14 value)
and lots of high value coupons.
I’m glad that since I accidentally left the coupons in the car I also accidentally left the car unlocked. I would have hated to get my window broken out for my coupons.
I’m also glad that the thieves could not see the value in my tiny scraps of paper, my junk.
I do wish they had not thrown them all over the ground though, but I guess polite thieves is a little much to hope for.
My poor wet coupons are all laid out on the dining room table drying on paper towels I got (with coupons) for .30 each. It might have seemed like a waste of time to the thieves, but I would have been lost without my coupons. I’m glad they left them behind.
As I write this I am realizing that my CD’s are missing. Oh well, most of what I listen to is on my iPhone anyway. It’s a frustrating loss, but it could have been worse.

It’s sort of funny. My car was violated, but I’m thankful. It could have been WAY worse.

This is a picture if my coupons on the paper towels being dried. It was taken with my iPhone.



  1. That is a bummer to have your personal property violated! If only they knew the value of what they discarded on your neighbor’s lawn. A few months ago, I was distracted before going into the grocery store and left my passenger car door WIDE OPEN! Thankfully, no one noticed.

    • Whew! Melissa, I’m glad no one noticed your car door!

      It’s a shame that people have to be so yucky sometimes.

      I’ve heard there are places where people don’t lock their doors. I’ve never been anywhere I felt that safe.

  2. Wow, that’s rough–even though it happened a while back, I’m sure it’s still not an easy memory for you. I’m glad nothing valuable got stolen–though those coupons were more valuable than they realized, you’re right!

    • Thanks Jenna. It was not fun, but I remember not to leave things in the car anymore

  3. I admire you for collecting these back up. Seems silly for them to go to waste. Clearly the thug wasn’t very coupon savvy. (That’s not even meant as a a joke.)

    • Thanks Greg. You’re right, they thought they were getting a wallet I’m sure. They missed out on all my savvy savings rewards! πŸ˜‰

  4. I admire your attitude “it could have been worse” but isnΒ΄t it sad that we should even have to feel like that….it just shouldnΒ΄t happen. Period.

    • I agree Tanya, it should not happen. Too bad other people don’t believe in honesty like we do. Wouldn’t that be a nice world.

  5. Ohh, cooking disasters! Yup, great reason to bring back classic posts πŸ™‚ And glad you’ve never lost anything major during the break-ins! I leave my car unlocked all the time (just forgetful), so I know not to leave anything in there–although I think most people would take one look at my car and realize they are not going to have much thieving luck πŸ˜€ But yeah, I guess it wouldn’t be what was actually taken so much as the feeling of violation.

    • I was just glad I still had a classic to post. πŸ™‚ I’ll have to tell you about the attempted car jacking sometime….that was much worse.

  6. How sad to have your car broken in to! I always put everything out of sight as our car is not parked inside at night! Have a better baking weekend πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Tandy! You too!

  7. Writing from crime-ridden South Africa, where not even murders are really investigated, and having a car broken into is small pototoes, all I can say, is, it is horrible to have your stuff gone through by someone who has no right. Even if it doesn’t have huge value, it’s still your stuff. Horrible world we live in, sometimes, or maybe that should be, horrible people.

    • That’s horrible. Thank you. Yet another reminder that it could have been much worse.
      It’s shocking to me that murders are not investigated.

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