Things I shouldn’t say, according to my teen…

It’s rough being the parent of a teen.  The emotional ups and downs. The judgement.  The sighs.

Teenagers are strange creatures.  They grumble and grump about.  They are an interesting mixture of child and adult-ish person.

Parenting a teen is hard Yo. For Reals.

I’m weird, according to my teen.  Yep, it’s true.  My 13 year old son thinks I’m weird, strange, sometimes juvenile.

So here is a list of things my teen thinks I should not say.


  • Dude… apparently I am not allowed to say dude.  It’s weird.  I should not say it.
  • Boobs…Moms are not supposed to say boobs.  Moms are supposed to say breasts, or never speak of female body parts at all.
  • For Reals and True Dat… I’m not a gangsta…I should refrain from saying these words.  Apparently.
  • Chicken-butt…It’s silly, ridiculous and moms should not say it.
  • Awesomesauce…Now this is a big one.  This one really riled him up.  His friends say awesomesauce.  His mom is not supposed to say the same silly phrases his friends say.

It’s an ever evolving list.  My son keeps adding new words to the list.

Here is a list of things I do that are weird.

~~I dance, to all sorts of song.  I car dance, I dance around the house. I try to make him dance….shocking and horrible.

 Hor. ri. ble.

~~I sing.  I change the words to songs, I’m silly.
~~I make up words.  Like turgers (turkey burgers) and merdle (man girdle)and slink (slushy drink).


Personally, I think it’s awesomesauce that he has his own opinions.  But, dude…it’s a free country and anytime someone says “What’s up?” I am always going to say chicken-butt.

What words or things do you do that bug your kids (if you have kids)?

How are you weird?



  1. My daughter V is not quite two and she’s already laughing/groaning at me…she quips “Mama craze.” We are in for it with the teens…

    • Heh! It’s a wild ride huh? My daughter who just turned 12 is more tolerant of Momma’s craziness.

  2. anything parents say or do is weird! It finally goes away – eventually 🙂

    • Does it? 🙂 That is an encouraging thought.

  3. This really made me chuckle – I guess we´ve all been there with our own parents…now it´s the kids´turn. Are we allowed to say “kids”?!

    • Tanya, so far “kids” has not been banned. Baby has been banned, but kids is still on the approved words list. 😉

  4. Awesomesauce? Ha, that’s a goofy one. But dude, I’m so like taking your side on this one. True dat.

    • Yes. Awesomesauce. 😀 we also say Lamesauce. Mostly we say lamesauce to further annoy the teen.

  5. Haha, you’re SUPPOSED to bug your teenager, that’s just the rule of parenting (and I don’t think there’s a way to avoid it, anyway). Since I don’t have kids, I have to do things to bug my parents–this includes jumping straight up and down in front of my mom when she’s trying to talk to me, signing the song “Right Thurr” any time I’m visiting and porkchops are being made (“Gimme wut you got for a porkchop/uhh, she threw it at me like I was a shortstop”), and wearing short-shorts with goofy over-the-knee socks in public (for some reason this embarrasses the heck out of my mom). But it’s all a sign of love 😀

    • You, dear Allie, are a nut. 😀 I love it.

  6. tiffsjourney

    Ha… I’m right there with ya girly. My daughter is turning 13 tomorrow… (holy crap) and I’m all of a sudden “not cool anymore”. She can’t even be bothered to be seen with me. What’s up with that?
    I love Awesomesauce.. I’ve never heard that before but will definitely put that to good use.

    • Awesomesauce is mos def worth using! 🙂

  7. Oka

    I still remember the things my parents did that embarrassed me. Does that mean I try not to embarrass my kids, HELL NO. It’s my right of passage, heck it is their right of passage too 😉

    My daughter, 7, is starting early. According to her, I am not allowed to grow my hair out natural (I have been turning gray since I was 16, and am more than 1/2 way there). I must keep it colored, even though I am sick of doing so.

    • Oh girl, me too. I have been fighting white hairs (they are not a proper gray color!) since my early 20’s. My kids bug when I do not keep my hair colored. Heh!

  8. LOL! So, would you really, really get in trouble for saying, “Dude…for reals, does this outfit make my boobs & my chicken-butt look fat, or is it awesomesauce?” My kids are going to HATE me when they reach that age!! Bwa-ha-ha! True dat. 😉

    • Michelle, I would get a serious eye roll and a large sigh!

  9. Hilarious!

    • Isn’t it? Kids are funny things.

  10. Sounds to me like all the great little catch phrased, spontaneous behaviors that he will always love to remember you by.

    God Bless You

    • Thanks Paul! I hope my quirks are fondly remembered, instead of remembered with dread and shock. 😀

  11. This is hysterical. My brothers and I joke with my mom once in a while when she says certain slang terms. I’m going to drive my kids nuts in the future. I say a lot of weird things and am not embarrassed to make a fool of myself, ha!

    • I think it is good to drive kids nuts. They drive us nuts, so it’s only fair!

  12. Norelle

    My daughters are just out of their teens and are now bothered more by what I do than by what I say.
    Although I must admit calling either one of them honey in front of friends will still elicit massive eye rolling. They hate the fact that I listen to PitBull even though I know he’s a “bad guy” – Mom have you read about his past??? It drives them crazy that I talk to myself when I cook and clean. They hate the fact that i love college football and have been known to scream loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear me when my team makes a touchdown. They also question my sanity when I get excited when i new bird visits our bird bath sanctuary. The very worst things I can do at this point is to ask if they need my help!!!!

    • Ha! So I have a little while to go before they are not annoyed by me huh?

  13. LOL Kids will always find something that they are going to say us parents shouldn’t do!

    I say dude. But only b/c all three of my boys say it all. of. the. time. And it’s rubbed off on me. I actually called my husband “dude” the other day and he looked at me like I’d lost my mind.

    • I, too have called my husband dude by accident. 😀

  14. Sigh. I know this stage is coming sooner than I’m ready for!

    • You’ve got a little while still Rach!

  15. I think you’re awesomesauce! And they come around again eventually. It boils down to them just not thinking you’re cool anymore. Mine is 21. We still have a little of that, but he came back to being the person who thought I was the best secret keeper, the best friend, the cool mom and better than the other moms. Don’t get me wrong, he still hates me a lot because I am the rule person and I boss him (LOL – I need alittle fun). But as they get older, you’re also the safe person!

    • Thank you Andrea! I think you’re awesomesauce too! I am glad to know that they come back around to thinking you’re a cool person. 13 is rough.

  16. Just tell him that you are the next Rachel Ray with all her made-up words. EVOO, “stoup,” “sammies,” etc.

    • Ha! That’s a good idea Lindsay!

  17. Janice

    Uh…weren’t you weird as a teen?? I know I was!

    But really, I had a nice time embarassing my parents as teen and I’m looking forward to embarassing my kids when they become teens. Except my little one–she might be too smart-assy and clever for me.

    • Ha! I was so weird as a teen….I just never grew out of it. 😀

  18. I don’t think I say anything that embarrasses them. At least, they haven’t told me “not” to say anything.

    I prefer to embarrass them by putting notes in their lunches, and using cute bento food picks with their food or putting their cheese in various molds so it looks like a car or a fish or something. Oh and apparently giving them the “yo-kids” yogurt squeezers instead of “go-gurt” was highly embarrassing.

    And my 13 year old did just about swallow his tongue when I called him “Boo” in front of his best friend, but I did that on accident.


    • Ha! I’ve been banned from any pet names in front of their friends. 😦 it’s a rough life.


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