Garden Gab Week 20…Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

The weather here is HOT, that’s not a shocker or a secret.

Today is the 35th day in a row that the temperature is expected to hit 100 deg F or higher.  Today is expected to be 107 deg F.   In fact my entire 7 day outlook is 100 deg F or higher.  Meh.

The heat is a melt-y kind of heat, it’s not easy to be outside for very long.

My sister-in-love and her sons baked cookies and melted crayons in their car.  Fun right? They used the windshield to magnify the sun.  They also tried frying an egg on the sidewalk.

The yards are really suffering.  Most of the yards in my neighborhood are partly crispy and dying , we  just can not keep them watered well enough to help them survive.   The ground is cracking, my fence posts are wobbly (which is quite distressing), my yard is green only in stripes.  I am focusing my watering efforts around my home’s foundation, my driveway, and of course my garden areas.

It’s crazy.

My neighbor’s driveway cracked in half!  I kid you not!

Picture proof!

Oh noes! Cracked driveway...not cool.

Isn’t that shocking?  I can tell you,  it’s been a topic on much conversation in my neighborhood.  Many people have begun to water not only their foundations, but now…also their driveways.  I was already watering my driveway (whew!), but I have stepped it up.


You know what else is a shocker, the funky bell peppers have turned lovely shades of yellow and red.

Guess what folks, they’re hot!

Like supa-dupa spicy hot,  like oh heck “where’s my drink?!” hot.  Hot. 

My neighbors, family and friends who like hot peppers are in luck this summer…I’m going to be spreading these hot beauties around.  I canned the first batch and gave them to my neighbor over the weekend.

Hello hot stuff....

The okra is still loving the heat.  Here are a few pictures of the okra flowers, they’re so pretty.


My royal purple beans are starting to bloom…YAY!


My late season squash seedlings are doing very well.  They are surviving the heat much better than I expected.


Strawberrytopia is still in expansion mode, the heat is really not halting their progress.

The mint is still holding it’s own.

I forgot to take a picture of the carrots, but they are still doing well.  They’re still small, but they’re hanging on.

How is your garden doing?

See you Monday!



  1. I feel your pain. Not sure how many we’re on yet. (Above 100 that is.) But it’s too many. My late season squash is doing well too and our okra should be in soon. Also, crape myrtles apparently like the heat. Our neglected one is blooming.

    • Our local news channels are all about counting the number of days we’ve been baking in this excessive heat. That’s the only reason I know. I’m glad your squash is surviving the heat, and Yay for your crape myrtel. They are beautiful when they are in bloom.

  2. Wow – that´s incredibly hot! Your poor neighbours sidewalk. Lots of night time waterinf I guess for the garden. And a nice cold glass of wine in your hand while you do it!

    • You bet we’re watering and trying to keep the important stuff moist. I’ve got soaker hoses everywhere. I feel so bad for my neighbor, I would hate to have my driveway un-usable because of the heat. I guess it cracked when they parked their truck on it. 😦

  3. oh my, that is a serious heat wave you are having! I can think of nothing worse than my house crumbling from the heat. Have a great Friday JamieAnne and a super weekend – I will do a rain dance for you 🙂

    • Your rain dance is much appreciated. Dance for a slow, long steady (but not too heavy) rain. That way it will really soak in. 😉 Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Hottt here, too. Heat index of 112 yesterday. Yikes! I’ve been wandering my plants twice a day, and they’re still consistently droopy and unhappy. At least it’s raining right now! The grass is getting pretty crispy here, too–had never heard of watering a driveway, though, that’s some intense heat!

    • So many days in a row of high heat and no watering must have caused the crack. A few years ago it got really hot here and the ground shrank around the driveway. When that happened we got worried that it might break because it was no longer supported by the ground. We buried a soaker hose when the ground receded, so it’s near or under the driveway slab. It seems to work pretty well. The grass along the driveway is the only happy grass along the side of my house.

  5. It is really hot here two..half way across the world lol
    but not hot enough to crack driveways …wow

    • I hope you and your family are staying cool! The driveway thing is crazy, that’s why I HAD to post a picture. It is almost unbelievable.

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