Garden Gab, Week 18

Cool weather and rain…where for art thou?

It’s been crazy hot here, it’s been 100 deg F or higher for a while now. It’s been years since it’s been this hot for this long. I believe the last time we had a heat wave like this it was during the late 1990’s.  It feels like Hades, or at least Hades adjacent.

If you live somewhere that’s cool and pleasant….don’t tell me. I’ll be tempted to stick my tongue out at you, the way a child does. Of course, that tongue would probably instantly burn. 😦  I’m fair skinned. I do not belong in Hades.

My ground is parched, it’s almost impossible to keep the yard watered enough that is does not crack.

My nerves are frayed, it’s hard to grow veggies in this kind of heat.

All the bean plants, except the two new types (the Royal purples and the purple hulls) are gone.

Yep, gone.

Purple Hull

Royal purple beans

The okra freaking loves, LOVES the heat. It’s super happy.



The carrots and mint are doing just fine. The mint is flowering. 🙂 Lovely!

Da Mint

Da flower


The peppers are doing great.

Bell peppers

Funky Bell Peppers

The strawberries, oh the strawberries. The strawberries are trying very hard to take over the raised garden. I believe they would like to re-name it Strawberritopia. I’ve seen the petition.

Strawberritopia is in expansion mode

Here’s a peek at what my handsome, handy hubby has been up to in the backyard.

New garden expansion

Hunky, handy hubby!

another view of the hubbs and the garden


How is your garden doing this week?



  1. Hate that you lost some beans, but it’s good to see the okra and peppers doing so well.

    • Thanks Greg! It happens. It’s just too hot for those bean plants I guess. Their demise does allow the strawberries to claim more space. LoL!!

  2. Shame about the beans but wow, the okra! I think it would do well in Andalucia. You lucky thing with your lovely, hunky handy hubby!

    • 🙂 you could plant some okra and see. I bet it would do great!
      Thank you. I’m pretty sure you’ve got a handy, hunky hubby too! Aren’t they fabulous?!?

  3. Errign

    Bummer about your beans, though I’m pretty jealous of your garden overall.

    I’m living in an apartment this summer, so no garden for me!

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m happy that you stopped by.
      I love my garden, even with my fussing and the heat. It brings me a lot of joy.
      You could container garden on a patio, if you wanted to.
      🙂 have a super weekend.

  4. Your garden looks great!

  5. Summer in Maine is supposed to be 80 and usually no more. 96 and 100 really isn’t pleasant when you don’t have a/c. Having to water everyday and still the plants wilt. Sorry about your beans but the rest looks great.

    • Karen,
      No A/C sounds crazy to these Texas ears!

  6. It’s getting too hot here for my plants as well–leaves are turning yellow in complaint. BUT, you’re right–peppers love it, and while I don’t have any okra this year, I think that stuff will grow through most anything. So, lots of gumbo? Sounds like a plan 😀

    • So far I have pickled some okra, put some in soups, and I’m planning to bread and broil some and serve it with my Texas caviar. I’m not sure if the broil will work as well as frying does. We’ll see.

      • Mm, breaded and fried is by far the best way to do okra 😀 I want to hear how the broiling goes!

      • Of course, once I try it. Success or fail, I’ll share it.

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