Garden Gab week 15

Here is a peek at my garden this week. The bean plants I planted (well, half of them anyway) have sprouted, are growing and doing great. The other half (which were planted on the other side of the garden box are slow going.

My cucumbers are suffering, mostly due to my lawn guy stepping on them and me throwing a garden hissy fit and pulling half of them up. 😦


Here are my pictures.



  1. Your tomatoes are red!! Sooooo jealous. And the beans could be a good thing – some for now and some for later 🙂

    • That’s very true about the beans, Tanya. Good point!
      🙂 that’s my last tomato unless more flowers are fertilized.

  2. It’s amazing how similar the progress is. Your garden is looking great. My tomatoes are in, woo hoo!

    • I’m sure your weather in Arkansas is pretty similar to mine here in North, central Texas. Hot and sunny. That’s what we’ve got going on.

      Yay for your tomatoes!!!! 🙂

  3. My cucumbers were a failure, but I don’t even have a lawn guy to blame. They usually grow so well–don’t know what went wrong this year. Good looking garden!

    • Thanks! I can only partly blame it on the lawn guy. He stepped on them and broke some of them. I pulled about half of them, (more than were stepped on) because of the bugs! I’m so tired of all the bugs. 😦
      He stepped on my carrots too, but they seem okay.

      • Luckily bugs leave my cucumbers alone, but I understand the frustration–I gave up on eggplant because they would never have a single leaf left thanks to pests

  4. Hot Florida summer means: cucumbers done, beans done, tomatoes done. But, eggplant still going strong! Lucky you to have a harvest to look forward too!

    • Lucky you! Already having a harvest. I’m excited that things are growing here, the heat is brutal though. I’m having to water more frequently.

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