Strawberry Freezer Jam

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I think I have said before that I am new-ish to making jellies and jams. I’ve made pickled items before, but not many sweet things.

I had the opportunity to host a canning party through House Party. I was sent a huge box of canning items, a few jars, coupons and recipe books.

We made strawberry freezer jam. Freezer jam is pretty darn easy. It’s a no-cook jam. It’s more like a chunky fruit spread, but that’s fine by us.

Freezer Jam…adapted via my new canning cook book.

The canning cookbook had a few freezer jams, but none that were just strawberry.

I adapted a strawberry banana jam recipe.

What you need:

6 cups of mushed, smashed, crushed strawberries

1 1/2 cups of sugar

5 TBSP of Ball instant Pectin (It is a Ball cookbook, for a Ball Canning party) Product placement intended I’m sure.

  • mix the sugar and Pectin together
  •  add sugar mixture to the strawberries
  •  stir constantly for 3 minutes
  • Fill freezer jars (I used the Ball brand plastic jars)
  •  place the lid on the jars
  •  Let the jam “set” for 30 minutes on the counter top
  • label and freeze for up to one year              OR
  • gobble it up now, pour it on ice cream, roll around in it, have toast for every meal with gobs and gobs of jelly. 
  • OR…(what I did) place 2 in the freezer and 1 in the fridge. They will “keep” in the fridge for 3 weeks (yeah, like they will last that long).
  • Enjoy

How do you make freezer jam?

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  1. The jam looks great Jamie! I’ve been canning for about 25 years and I love it! Now that you have all that cool canning stuff, jump in and do it, you’ll love it!

    • Thanks Kate! We also made salsa and pickles. 🙂

  2. That looks really great, but since I just got a different type of jar I’ll stick to my boiling jars, heating up the kitchen ways.:) Hmm, a jam party. I think only Katherine and the dogs would come to my version.

    • I bet it would be fun! Oh hey! I found a recipe for you. It’s cabernet sauvignon jelly. Want me to e-mail it to you?

  3. What fun – have never seen jam made like this. And all those lovely goodies. And whoever was making the jam is beautiful – what a lovely, happy smile!

    • Thanks Tanya! It’s more of a fresh fruit spread. It tastes very fresh and sweet.
      That’s a picture of my beautiful daughter Sarah. She enjoys cooking with me.


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