Garden Gab….My mother’s garden

If you ever wondered where I got my green thumb, wonder no more.  My father is great with ferns, aloe and hot peppers.

My mother has a huge and productive veggie garden.

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I hope you enjoy these pictures of my mother’s garden and 1 day’s harvest.

I’ll update you on my garden’s progress in a day or two.



  1. Ohh… Is it sad I can sit here and watch other people’s gardens? No. I love it. She has a nice plot too.

    • Thanks! She has so much land. She had horses, but sold them. Now she has either 10 or 100 dogs…it’s sometimes hard to tell. I jest, it’s 10.

      My husband is considering turning a large portion of our (very large and mostly unused) backyard into a large veggie garden for me. I’m excited about the prospect of more garden space.

  2. How lovely, how lucky! Lots of hard work, but worth it I´m sure. Thanks for sharing this (and to your mum)!

    • She loves her garden! 🙂

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