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Chef Pepín Slow Cooker

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I know some of you don’t own slow cookers.

I also know that some times you don’t have time to wait for a slow cooker to cook your meal, but you like the recipe.

Or, you have a recipe you like, but you want to use your slow cooker, This happens to me all the time.

Here’s a way to convert your recipe, so….

no matter how you want to cook it….you can cook it.

Do you know how to convert it? No?
Well, now you’re going to know how to do it.
Slow cookers cook on a low, constant, even heat.

If you have a recipe that calls for 1 hour-ish on the stove top that equals

  • 6-8 hours in the slow cooker on low or
  • 4 hours on high.
  • You should also decrease the liquid by 1/2 cup.

Reverse that for converting from the slow cooker to the stove top. Since with the stove top you have the ability to use a higher heat, you can obviously cook things much faster.

  • 1 hour on the stove top for every 4 hours in the slow cooker on high
  •  add 1/2 cup of liquid to the recipe.

Hope that helps you cook any recipe the way YOU want to cook it.


  1. Yess, thank you! This seems so simple, yet I always get hung up on the fact that I can’t find good slow cooker recipes–now I can just MAKE something a slow cooker recipe!

    • 🙂 I’m very fond of converting recipes. I’m glad I’m not alone.

  2. great post.. I assume this has been through trial and error of your own? or did you find this somewhere. I will need to print this and add it to my recipe book.

    • Anna,
      First, your post today is so adorable. I love cute, fluffy dogs!
      This conversion guideline is part trial and error, part crock pot cookbook info and a dash of online search info. 🙂

  3. Oh great, I’m sending the next person that asks me about such conversions over to you!

    • LoL!! I hope I can answer their questions. I’ll do my best.

  4. This is great! Thanks!

    • It’s good information to have. I’m happy to share it with you.


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