Garden gab Week 10

Here’s a peek at my garden this week. Notice the baby zucchini. Yay! 😀 My Okra is still being munched. 😦 All the other plants are still growing happily. I expect more veggie production any day now. My tomatoes are still green, they better start getting red soon or I’ll be tempted to use them to make sweet green pickled tomatoes (a recipe in one of my new canning books)

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How is your garden doing this week?



  1. This is looking great. I’m about to plant okra. I always do a second planting when I pull the arugula. Have you figured out what’s getting your okra?

    • I’m about to do a second planting of squash and zucchini. This is the first year I have tried to grow okra. I need to get my Mom to take some pictures of her garden, I get my light green thumb from her forest green one. 🙂

    • I think it’s the potato beetles. I took the bugs with me to the feed store, and bought an organic spray. The organic spray I bought is helping to deter the munching (a little) but it’s not 100%. Frustrating.

  2. Oh dear abiout the bugs, but it´s all looking fantastic. Sounds like you are way ahead of Southern Spain in terms of what is ready to eat – but we´ll catch up! We dug our first ever potato crop up today. A little disappointing in terms of quantity, but have just tried one of the little ones boiled and then drizzled with olive oil and corase salt and it was delicious!

    • Yeah, the bugs…:) I’m not sure what the weather is like in Spain, but here in the southern United States (I live in Texas) it’s hot already. It will stay hot here until probably October.

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