Garden Gab week 9….from my garden to my kitchen

I’m so excited.  Last week’s baby squash is now a big,  happy,  ready to eat squash this week.  My garden is now producing. It’s not much yet, but I know more is to come.

The squash

I did get the tomatoes moved out of pots and into the dirt this week, which has been good for 2 reasons.

Happy Tomato in the dirt.

  1. the pots kept blowing over and damaging the plants.
  2. I was watering the potted tomato plants two or three times a day to keep the plants happy, and now I don’t have to.

I did go to the organic gardening store and buy an insecticide, it has not killed all the bugs that munch on my garden, but it has deterred them a bit. There are fewer of the bugs, and fewer is better.

Two thoughts on using ANY insecticide…

  1. wear gloves, wash your hands after you use it (even if you wore gloves…wash your hands anyway)
  2. do NOT harvest anything from your garden the same day you use insecticide.

Here are my other garden pictures.

Squash flower

Blue Lake bean

carrots and cucumber

How is your garden growing this week?



  1. Love your garden! I usually plant a couple of tomato plants and that’s it. But this year that’s not even getting done. Maybe next year 😉

    Hope you have a great Saturday!

    • Thanks Alicia! I really enjoy having the garden. I was seriously giddy when I realized the squash was ready to harvest. 🙂 Have a super weekend!

  2. Wow, that’s wonderful. I have to pull my arugula and maybe garlic. Nothing else is ready yet.

    • Besides the 1 squash, a few beans (more for munching than for cooking), and the butter lettuce (which I’m waiting to cut until I want to use it) nothing else is ready yet. I know that in the next few weeks more things will be ready. 🙂

    • Is it fairly simple to grow the garlic? I have considered trying my hand at growing garlic,

      • I’ve found it easy. Your climate’s about the same as mine too, if not even warmer! I think I need to pull mine soon.

      • Thanks! I might add some to the garden.

  3. Wow that’s a funny squash.. what kind is it? All I have ready is chillies.. so many chillies. And plenty of herbs.

    • Hi Chookie. Thanks for commenting. It’s a yellow crookneck squash. I live in Texas and it’s a pretty common squash here.

      • Oooh I’ve heard of those, but never seen one. I might see if I can find some seeds and grow some.

      • They have a wonderful flavor. I hope you are able to find some. 🙂

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