Garden Gab, Week 8. Munched, blooming and baby veggies.


Little green tomatoes

Things are growing and flowering, and being munched in my garden. Well, and falling. Can’t forget the falling.  Note to self: Plant the tomato plants in the ground. Seriously. Do it soon.  They keep getting blown over and damaged when they fall.  Each plant is half of what it use to be now.


Can you see the bugs in the flower. Yeah, they're evil. EVIL.

The evil bugs are happy, with full bellies and vigorous reproductive habits.  TMI?  Sorry, but bunnies have nothing on these bugs.


the cantaloupe plant, still doing well.


the zucchini


Poor, munched okra

I am going to have to go to the organic gardening store and see what I can safely use to try to deter the munching of my okra.


baby zucchini


got lettuce?


The zucchini is large and in charge.


Not your average green bell pepper

Ha! I got the two (there were three and one did not make it through the wind storm) pepper plants at a local FFA sale, but they are obviously not the same breed of pepper.  The one above looks a bit like a jalapeno, but it’s not hot. The one below looks like a bell pepper.  Weird.


green pepper


baby squash

How is your garden this week?



  1. Our Romas are already setting too. Great photos.

    • Thanks! I’ll be excited to see your tomato pictures. 🙂

  2. We are designing a veggie garden. So excited about it!

    • Love it! I love fresh veggies! I can’t wait to hear about your garden.

  3. June

    Wow! Jaime so impressed with all you’re growing! I’ve never been good at gardening, but I think I’m going to try & do a planter box of something with my 2 year old. He loves playing in the dirt & we don’t do it enough!

    • Thanks! I really enjoy the garden. I enjoy knowing that I am growing things that will feed my family.
      What does your two year old like? I might be able to recommend something that is fast growing, so you don’t lose your short attention spanned helper. 🙂

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