What I’m reading in the blog world this week.

I’m a day behind, thankfully I am not a dollar short. 😉  I love blog surfing, I find so many wonderful things!

I’ve got birthday brain, my husband’s birthday was May 2nd and my birthday is coming up on the 18th, I think that’s why I am looking at so many cake recipes this week.  So, I present to you a few impressive cakes.

Rose,  at Adventures in Savings, made a heavenly looking caramel cake for Mother’s Day.  Rose is sweet, thrifty and very talented!  Check out her Rose bakes section to be impressed and maybe a little in awe of her skills.  I know I am.

Kitchen Tested has the best step by step pictures and instructions on making a 6 layer rainbow cake.   I really want to try my hand at making one of these. It looks like a fun thing to make.

Surfing food blogs yesterday I found this little Jewel of a blog. It’s called Happy Opu! First, let me say that the blog looks great. Post like Honeymoon carrot soup are very interesting,  I must confess that although the recipes Jewel posts look good,  the reason that I seriously squeaked and squealed when I found HAPPY Opu!  is because “The Jewel” of Happy Opu is Jewel Staite.  JEWEL STAITE!!!! I am a big Sci-Fi fan and Jewel happens to have been on two of my favorite Sci-Fi shows.   FireFly and the follow up to the series movie: Serenity, and Stargate:Atlantis.  So  I Sci-Fi geek danced all around my house in celebration of  finding her blog.    Her posts are great, and since this is the closest I’ll ever get to Hanging out with the lovely Jewel I am loving this blog.  Girl crush? Maybe.

Hope your weekend was a great one!



  1. I’m a Firefly fan to. These days my wife and I are obsessed with Dr. Who. Anyway great roundup. That caramel cake is definitely a winner. Soup looks fab too.

  2. I watch Doctor Who. It’s a great show. 🙂

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