What to do with leftovers? What to do…

We all have leftovers right? Well, I sure do. What to do with them? A weekly question here at my house.

This week (so far) we have left over “frijoles de la olla” and left over ground beef. I will be using the ground beef tomorrow night to make a yummy lasagna. Tonight we went meatless. 🙂 I like to mix it up, the same ingredients, sure but it does not have to be the same meal twice in one week. Tonight we had “frijoles de la olla” and rice, flour tortillas and taco type fixings. My husband and son had beans and rice via a bowl, my daughter and I had bean and rice tacos. So good.

So good. I think the “frijoles de la olla” taste even better today. I’m serious.

Here’s a picture of the tacos my daughter and I made.


What do you do with leftovers?



  1. With just two of us in the house, we always have leftovers. Just never when we need them. Actually, my wife usually takes them for lunch.

    • That makes sense, with just the two of you. I bet your wife has the best lunches in the office.
      I tent to cook large meals. My husband sometimes takes leftovers for lunch too. He took the spicy chicken yesterday.

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