Shopping with Lane…a how to guide

My dear friend Lane of  The Outside Lane and I went grocery shopping together today.  She asked me for some help learning how to use coupons.

Here is a little snip of her post…..

Jamie, of A Dash of Domestic, took me grocery shopping today, and gave me a one-on-one tutorial in smart, selective shopping, using coupons, and creative thinking.

Why, you might ask, does a 40-year-old woman need help grocery shopping?  Well, growing up with a military-wife mother, who only shopped once a month, to fill two freezers, at the base commisary (oh my gawd, I hated going to the commissary with our two buggies, full to overflowing, and then the trauma of unloading and putting away…augh!), then cooked off that for several weeks, I never learned to do it effectively as a civilian, for a standard, tiny fridge/freezer combo.  That’s why.  And the older I get, the less ashamed I am of saying, “Yeah, this thing everyone else knows how to do?  I am clueless,” so I asked Jamie if she would take me in hand and teach me her Jedi ways when it comes to saving in the grocery store.

She loves me, so she said yes, then took the better part of her morning and early afternoon, going over coupons with me, shopping, and helping me put away my loot.

To see the rest of the post and our snifty youtube video, click here–> learning to shop.


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