This week’s taste adventure

Tonight we’re having Matzo ball soup. Specifically we’re having Adele’s Matzo Ball Soup. Foodie for two’s website has a wonderful step-by-step on how to make this soup.


Tonight’s dinner is a taste adventure for us because it’s new to us. We’ve never had Matzo balls before.

Cutting the chicken was interesting.

Note to self:buy a whole chicken that has already been cut up for you. Cutting a 5 pound chicken up into pieces isn’t fun.

Once the chicken was

chopped at,

cut at,

cursed at (only a little)

and finally in pieces I had to cut the veggies.

Parsnips smell like spicy carrots. I like them.

Leeks are super dirty. Super dirty. Did I mention dirty?
I got my soup into my cast iron cooker and it bubbled away for 3 hours.

My house smelled WONDERFUL.

the salad
the soup, in the pot.
the soup

Most of the family loved the soup and the Matzo balls. The picky one (aka: my daughter) liked the soup, but not the Matzo balls. I think next time I make this soup I will make extra Matzo balls, because the teen loved them. This soup is flavorful, it’s just wonderful. I’m thankful that I found Foodiefortwo’s blog post (where you can find the soup recipe).

The desert. Red Velvet cake pops.


  1. Thanks for sharing the love, JamieAnne. So glad you liked the recipe. Maybe your daughter will acquire a taste later for matzo balls. For now, that means more for the rest of you. Red velvet cake pops? Yum!

    • Maybe she will. If not more for the rest of us is right.
      Red Velvet cake pops= red velvet cake crumbled and mixed with icing. Rolled into balls, put on sticks, chilled and dipped in chocolate.

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