I saved a tree for Arbor Day and other garden news. Garden Gab week 6

I saved a tree, and I liked it.

An oak seedling was trying to grow between the cushions of one of my patio chairs. It’s been rainy and windy. I’m sure that’s why it was so confused. I saved it yesterday and put it in a pot to grow. Once it’s bigger I’ll plant it in the yard.

transplanted squash
transplanted zucchini and cantaloupe
the cantaloupes

Things have been on the move in the garden this week. Not all the moving was good.
I transplanted 2 cantaloupe plants, 3 zucchini plants and 1 squash plant from the raised garden and pots into my side garden. The plants that I moved seem to be accepting the move. =GOOD

One of my tomato plants tried for an unscheduled move yesterday. The wind blew it off the top of our hot tub. It crashed to the ground and about half of the plant was damaged and had to be removed. =BAD
The other one is doing fine. Flowers, but no tomatoes yet.

Ouch! Lost half of the plant
the other tomato plant is just fine

Don’t ask why I was using the top of the hot tub to store plants.

I have Flat Surface Disorder.

If it’s a flat surface I feel compelled to put things there. 😉

The raised bed is doing great. I’ve got little green peppers growing, the lettuce
is happy, the pea plants and okra plants are getting bigger everyday.
The squash and zucchini are huge!
I’ve even got a few strawberries.


Here are the rest of the raised garden pictures.

green pepper and zucchini
lettuce, beans and more zucchini


How is your garden doing this week? What have you planted?


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