Carrot cake pops, chicks and homemade chex mix

We’ve had a nice Easter weekend.

Today we kept it pretty low key, but it was very nice.
I made carrot cake (very Easter-y) cake pops on Friday. Click here to see my previous cake pops post and The Little Hen House  is where I got the recipe idea I used.

Carrot Cake Pops, they were a hit at the family gathering on Saturday.

I also made chex mix on Friday. I love making chex mix, and


Shocking, I know.
The great thing about chex mix is that it’s so easy to change things up. More peanuts, sure. Less corn chex, sure. Cheerios, why not. Little cheesy chicks? You bet.

The best recipe comes right off the chex cereal box or website. Use the oven though, don’t microwave it.

Be adventurous. Try something new in it.


the mix


a chex chick



  1. LOVE the chex chick!

    • I thought about you and your chicks when I saw those at Target. Is that weird? Probably.
      They’re Target brand (goldfish like) cheese snacks. Chickadees I believe they call them.
      I’m going to try making a red velvet cake pop next.

  2. OOOOH you’re a blogger, too! Kindred spirits are we?! 🙂

    • I am. Very cool that we both are. I’ll have to check your blog out when I’m not on my iPhone. iPhones are great, but not for blog surfing.

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