This week in FAIL


see the dark ones, they taste majorly burnt. The others are mush.

I wanted to share this, because I’m not perfect and I don’t mind you knowing it.

I love sugar snap peas. I like them raw, I like them steamed, I’d like to be able to bake them up crispy like chips. Baked not fried. So….

Frozen sugar snaps, olive oil, garlic salt. Sounds promising right?  No, a world of no…
Smelled good, looked good for about 20 min, then the peas began to burn.
They were either mushy or burnt. No in-between.
My search for a way to make baked like sugar snaps will continue.

Here’s my FAIL pictures.





  1. Frozen veggies can be tricky. Don’t feel bad!

    • I must confess, I ate a few of the non-burnt ones. They tasted great. They were not crispy, but they had a good flavor.
      I’m thinking that a food dehydrator and fresh peas might be the way to go.

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