Garden Gab week 4

What a week I’ve had with my garden. It’s been a rough garden week.

There were killer squirrel problems,

I’m sure this is NOT what the squirrel “really” looked like, but it’s probably what my zucchini plants saw right before they were chomped.

There was a major storm here in North Texas. Did I mention that I live in North Texas? Well, howdy Y’all I’m from Texas! Anyhoo, we had a super windy, hail (oh hail no!), and heavy rain storm here on Thursday night – Friday morning. The wind continued to whip and whirl around all day Friday. Due to the wind, I lost two-thirds of my squash plants.

It's a little dark, but this is what my squash looked like on Monday.


This is what my squash looks like after the storm.

See all the bare spots? Yeah, there were plants there…before the storm. I started the week with 9 squash plants I now have 3.


a close up of the damage on one of the surviving plants


more close up shots of the damage


The pepper plants survived it, minus a few leaves. That stick next to the plant is a chop stick.


The mint is a happy camper, it was inside during the storm.


The tomatoes are also happy campers, they were also inside during the storm.


I’ve planted 6 more squash seeds, or I guess the proper term is sown. Hopefully I’ll have budding replacements next week.
It’s always an adventure gardening.
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Some “thing” hungry, this way comes

Have you planted your garden yet?
If so, how are your plants doing? I’d love to hear about your gardening adventures.


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