Some “thing” hungry, this way comes

Something is eating my zucchini plants. It’s quite strange. The leaves are left behind, but the meaty little plant center is totally gone.
I thought it was birds so I closed my garden netting and staked it into the garden.

I hope you can see the netting in the picture.
This morning another one is gone. That makes 4 missing in one week.
There’s a little gap in the garden netting. Maybe it’s a squirrel?  I don’t know.

It’s getting Curiouser and curiouser.

What ever it is, it’s not fond of the leaves. At all.
I’m quite worried that I have a small garden beast under the soil swallowing the seedlings up. Think sandworm only in  a smaller garden variety.

Please dont eat me!

I’m afraid to put my hand in the dirt, for fear of loosing a finger. EEK!

Very curious indeed.

Yes, I referenced Dune, I’m a sci-fi geek…I fly my geek  flag proudly.

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