Easy, better than drive-thru breakfast sandwiches

Mornings are busy, especially when I wake up late. It’s easy, on those mornings, to shuck it all and head for the drive-thru. Fast food is true to its name. It’s fast. It’s also greasy, and usually pretty high in calories.
I have a better idea. Let’s make our own “to-go” breakfast sandwiches. Ready?
Get eggs for an omelet. I use milk in my omelets. It’s a personal choice. 1 omelet 2-3 eggs, 2 omelets 4-5 eggs…and so on. Beat the eggs and milk. Add a dash of salt (and pepper if you wish).
I use cooking spray to coat my omelet pan, or you could use butter.
Heat omelet pan to medium heat and add eggs.
Put your toast in the toaster now. This is what makes this meal speedy to make.
I push my omelet in on itself, so that the raw ingredients keep getting down to the bottom of the pan.


Are you flip savvy? I’m not. I’m flip adequately. Carefully flip your omelet. I like to do “the fancy” air flip, but be warned…you might lose your eggs! I have a time or two. Flipped?

Now add a pinch or a sprinkling of cheese and a meat (bacon, sausage, ham) I used sandwich meat. Ham. Allow to cook for a moment

And then fold the omelet in half.

At this point your toast is probably ready. I lightly buttered mine. Yes, real butter, but just a bit.

Gently, GENTLY flip your folded omelet. Check the color and remove it from the pan once you’re happy with it.

Cut it in half.

For a regular sized sandwich put 1/2 of the omelet between the pieces of toast, each omelet will make 2 sandwiches. and you’ve got a “to-go” sandwich, well really you’ve got two “to-go” sandwiches.


It tastes great, is pretty quick to make, and it’s totally portable.


Now for a question.  I found a recipe for Bacon bread pudding.  Anyone interested in seeing cheesy, bacon-ey decadence?

Leave me a comment and let me know!



  1. Bacon bread pudding sounds interesting! Maybe I’d actually enjoy eating bread pudding if it had bacon in it. 🙂

    Cute blog!

    • The bacon bread pudding, which looks like bread in the picture, might be a good use for some of your homemade rolls. The recipe calls for day old bread, but I’m sure rolls would work too.

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